breakfast service in hotel

5 Types of Breakfast Service in Hotel

What is Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is served between 7 to 10 A.M. It is widely referred to as the most important meal of the day.

Types of Breakfast in Hotel

  1. Continental Breakfast
  2. American Breakfast
  3. House Breakfast
  4. English Breakfast
  5. Indian Breakfast

Breakfast Service in a Five Star Hotel

In a 5-star hotel, guests prefer eating customary dishes during breakfast and it is mostly taken by residential guests of a hotel. Breakfast usually consists of foods that are high in energy content.

Hotels offer complimentary breakfast to residential guests who stay under the Continental plan, American plan, or modified American plan. Depending on the policy of the hotel, during check-in.

Guests who are eligible for complimentary breakfast are either given breakfast coupons for the number of days they intend to stay or are given breakfast coupons for the number of days they intend to stay or are given coupons every day.

The coupons issued at the time of check-in are collected in the restaurant at the beginning of the service. These coupons are analyzed against the room occupancy list at the end of service to know how many residential guests took breakfast and how many of them did not.

Excess of breakfast covers over the coupons collected represent the non-residential breakfast guest. If coupons are not given and verify this against the rooming list.

If the guest is not eligible for complimentary breakfast, the bill as per actuals is raised, a signature is taken, and the bill is sent to the front office for charging to the guests’ account.

Breakfast served mainly in two places in the hotel:

  1. Hotel Restaurant.
  2. Hotel Rooms.

Hotels that offer free breakfast to residents, serve breakfast in the restaurant through a buffet with a wide range of selections.

All breakfast menus are usually at a set price, however, a la carte breakfast menus are also available.


Of all meals, the breakfast service in a hotel poses a great challenge to the service brigade and needs special attention. It should be organized effectively and served without delay as guests arrive continuously for breakfast and all of them want quick service.

Buffet can be done with a minimum number of service staff. Dishes should be replenished quickly to avoid formation due to sickness.