Definition and Processing of Coffee

Definition and Processing of Coffee

Definition of Coffee

Coffee is a popular drink in America and Europe compared to other parts of the world.

The introduction of chains of Coffee parlous and fast food units has influenced people around the world to the Coffee drinking habit.

A good quality coffee served in a restaurant not only adds to the fine dining experience but also increase the repeat custom.

No one knows when and where the coffee plant was first cultivated, but some believe that it was first grown in Arabia near the Red Sea about 675 AD.

Coffee cultivation was rare until the 15th and 16th centuries when extensive planting of the Coffee trees occurred in the Yemen region of Arabia.

The French succeeded in bringing alive cutting of a coffee tree to the island of Martinique in the West Indies and this single plant was the beginning of the great coffee plantations of Latin America.

Coffee trees bear small red cherries containing seeds known as coffee beans. Brazil is the number one coffee producing country in the world.


Coffee berries and their seeds undergo treatment before they are available for roasting.

  1. The flesh of the coffee berries is softened in water and removed with the help of a machine.
  2. The seeds are then fermented in large tanks to remove any slimy layer that may be present.
  3. After the fermentation, the seeds are washed thoroughly.
  4. The seeds are dried in the open, or a heated rotating drum.
  5. The beans at this stage called Green Coffee are screened for any defective beans and packed according to the grade and sold to the Coffee traders.

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