F&B Service Interview Questions with Answers

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FOOD AND BEVERAGE Service Interview Questions

  1. Types of Champagne
  2. Champagne Brands
  3. Types of Fortified Wines
  4. Types of Sherry
  5. Types of Port
  6. Types of Madeira
  7. Types of Marsala
  8. Types of Malaga
  9. Brands Names of Beer and their Countries
  10. Production of Liqueur
  11. Sweetening Agents of Liqueur
  12. Names of Red Wines
  13. Names of White Wines
  14. Names of Rosè Wines
  15. Method of Making Cocktails
  16. Major Grape varieties of Australia
  17. Types of Menu
  18. Full form of APC
  19. Name of Costliest Champagne
  20. Name of 5 Exotic Desserts
  21. Name of Coffee Liquors
  22. Name of French Classical Menus
  23. Name of 5 Classical Hors de Oeuvres
  24. Brand Names of Vodka
  25. Brand Names of Tequila
  26. Types of Vodka
  27. What are Marc and Drupa?
  28. What is Methode Champanoir?
  29. What is Remuage?
  30. What is Degorgement?
  31. What is Agrafe?
  32. Brand Names of Cognac
  33. Brand Names of Rums
  34. Brand Names of Single Malt Whiskey
  35. Brand Names of Scotch Whiskey Premium
  36. Types of Banquet Tables
  37. Different types of China Ware
  38. Different Types of Glasses
  39. Various styles of Gin
  40. Categories of Rums
  41. Types of Vodka
  42. Brand Names of Vodka and their Countries
  43. Brand Names of Mezcal
  44. Types of Tequila
  45. Categories of Tequila
  46. What is Fermentation?
  47. What is Distillation?
  48. Name of White Grapes
  49. Name of Red Grapes
  50. Brand Names of Sparkling Wines
  51. Wine Names with Alcoholic Content
  52. Top Cigars
  53. What is the English Service?
  54. What is the French Service?
  55. What is Silver Service?
  56. What is American Service?
  57. What is Counter Service?
  58. What is Buffet Service?
  59. What is Buffet spread?
  60. What is High Tea?
  61. Different types of Mocktails

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