hotel management course

Hotel Management Course Details

The Foodservice industry or the hospitality industry is the very first growing industry in the future.

This industry is a huge industry and the career opportunity also good. If you want to join the hospitality industry, So at first you have to join a good hotel management college and complete your hotel management course. There are lots of courses for hotel management. So you can choose any one course.

Hotel Management Courses

List of courses in hotel management:

  1. BHSM (Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management)
  2. BHM (Bachelor in Hotel Management)
  3. BHMCT (Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology)
  4. BSC in Hotel Management.

So the first three courses are for 4 years. In total 4 years, 1-year industrial training is included. But the BSC  course in Hotel Management is for 3 years and in 3 years only 6 months is for industrial training.

So if you want a job quickly so I will suggest you for BSC in Hotel Management. This course is also good to build a career in the hotel industry.

Those who are already graduates, you guys join in MBA course if you want. This MBA course duration is 2 years.

For example:

  • MBA in Hotel Management
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Human Resource etc.

So guys go for the course which is suitable for you and build your future in the hotel industry. Best of luck to me.

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