50+ OCLD Interview Questions with Answers for F&B Service 2024

OCLD Interview Questions with Answers 2024

List of OCLD interview questions and answers:

1. AMERICAN SERVICE: Method of serving hotel or restaurant food, in which portions of food are placed on plates in the kitchen by the establishment’s employees and served to each guest by a waiter or waitress.

2. BASTING: moistening the food during cooking by adding marinades or oil.

3. BUDGET: Estimated income and expenses for a particular period are called a budget.

4. CABERNET: It is entertainment held in a nightclub or restaurant while the audience sits at tables.

5. COVER: A cover is a place set at a table. For example, in a restaurant.

6. GUERIDON SERVICE: It is a form of serving food provided by restaurants to their guests, which involves preparing food in direct view of the guests using a Gueridon trolley.

7. Oyster: It is a type of shellfish.

8. SILVER SERVICE: It is a method of serving food. Food is served with a service spoon and fork from the left-hand side of the guests.

9. TURNOVER: It is sales or revenue earned during a period of time.

10. WAIT STAFF: People serving in a café or restaurant.

11. BAIZE: A thick woolen material similar to the feel used for covering the tabletops.

12. COCOTTE: A small round or oval ovenproof dish in which food may be cooked and served.

13. DECANTER: A narrow-necked bottle or glass jug with a stopper, used for storing and serving wines or spirits.

14. MAIN COURSE: The main dish on the menu.

15. LOBSTER: It is a large shellfish with big claws.

16. RAMEKIN: A small baking dish for one portion.

17. SERVIETTE: French term to denote napkin.

18. TUREEN: A deep-covered dish from which soup is served at the table using a ladle.

19. FLAMBÉ: It literally means flamed. In flambé preparations, spirits are added to the dish and ignited.

20. FOOD COURT: A number of autonomous food counters are located in one place where light meals, snacks, ice creams, beverages, and so on can be bought and eaten in a common area.

21. TAKEAWAY: Packed dish, taken away by the customer.

22. COMBO MEAL: It is a combination of snacks and beverages, snacks and salad or snacks, and sweets, mainly to promote sales.

23. INDIAN BREAD: It refers to Indian wheat products, such as roti, naan, paratha, chapati, and so on.

24. IN-ROOM FACILITIES: These are the facilities available in the hotel rooms other than basic amenities.

25. DRAMBUIE: honey-flavored liqueur.

26. COINTREAU: orange-flavored liqueur.

27. SPIRIT: distilled alcoholic beverage.

28. ALCOHOLIC WASH: It is a fermented liquid used in distillation.

29. AMBIENT YEAST: It is a different species of yeast found in the air, soil, plants, etc.

30. MALT: It is a germinated cereal.

31. RESTED: It means leaving aside in a cask without disturbing.

32. EASTERS: They are volatile compounds formed when acids interact with alcohol. They give out a bouquet of wines and spirits.

33. VAT: It is a container, often wood, used for fermentation and aging.

34. VAPOURIZATION: It is the process of converting liquid to vapor by heating.

35. YEAST: It is a living single-celled organism.

36. AROMA: It means scents from the grapes.

37. FULL-BODIED: It is a wine with a rich, mouth-filling texture and weight on the palate, as opposed to being thin.

38. HERBACEOUS: It refers to a vegetal, grassy tone in aromas and flavors.

39. CARBONIC MACERATION: It refers to intracellular fermentation that occurs in the presence of carbon dioxide and in the absence of oxygen in a closed container.

40. CREMANT: It is champagne with two atmospheres behind the cork.

41. MOUSSE: It refers to froth, bubbles, or foam.

42. STILL WINE: It is a wine obtained by natural fermentation without any effervescence or higher alcoholic content.

43. CARAFE: It is a wide-mouthed glass or metal bottle with a lip or spout for holding and serving beverages.

44. NOBLE ROT: Grapes are dried by the fungus Botrytis cinerea naturally in a humid climate. This makes the grapes concentrate the sugar, which results in a sweet wine.

45. GROSSE LAGE: It is the collection of vineyards from a village having the same soil, terrain, and climate.

46. TROCKEN: It means dry.

47. SEKT: It means sparkling.

48. BARRICA: It is a small oak barrel used (in Spain) for aging wines.

49. TABLE WINES: These are Still wines with 7 to 14 percent alcohol. It includes red, white, and rose.

50. CAVA: These are sparkling wines made in Spain using Méthode Champenoise.

OCLD Interview Questions with Answers for F&B Service

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