Pineapple Mint Punch Mocktail Recipe

Pineapple Mint punch Mocktail and its health benefits


Pineapple Mint Punch Mocktail Recipe

Pineapple Mint punch is a very nice refreshing drink. This Mocktail is a non-alcoholic mocktail, combination of Pineapple and Mint. You can prepare easily in your home.


1) Sugar syrup – 1cup.
2) Pineapple juice – 2cups.
3) Fresh mint leaves – 14 to 15 pieces.
4) Lemonade – 2cups.
5) Lime juice – 1/2cup.


1) Pour the Sugar syrup into a jar.
2) Pour the Pineapple juice in the jar and add lime juice.
3) Muddle the fresh mint leaves and pour in the jar.
4) Pour the Club soda in the jar.
5) Pour the ice cubes in two glasses and then pour the jar’s mixture in the glass.
6) Garnish with some fresh Mint leaves.
7) Then serve it.


*Effective solution for Acne:-
Pineapple can help for Acne internally as well as externally and other inflammatory skin conditions.

* Protect from feet cracks:-
Pineapple can protect from feet cracks. Pineapple along with its collagen synthesizing nature makes it a natural scrub for your feet. The inflammation and swelling, triggers by the cracks also get relieved.

*Soften and Strengthens nails:-
Pineapple can help to soften and Strengthens nails. If we are using the Pineapple juice, so it helps to soften skin.

*Natural cure for Lips:-
Pineapple protects from Lip’s cracks.


* Protect from hair loss:-Pineapple always protects from hair loss. If we eat regular Pineapple, so we get good benefits from Pineapple.

*Good for inflammatory Scalp conditions:- Pineapple help for instant soothing. Bromelain is an antioxidative enzyme that possesses anti-inflammatory powers. It also offers relief from infections of the Scalp preventing unwanted hair fall.

* Help for thicker hair:- Pineapple also helps to grow the thicker hairs.


*Prevent free radicals damage:-
Pineapple is a rich source of antioxidants, it helps fight free radicals in our body. These antioxidants also protect our bodies from diseases. For example:- Heart diseases, Arthritis, Cancers, etc.

* Protect for Colds:-
Pineapple fight against microbial infections. So it’s protected from Colds.

* Strong bones:-
Pineapple can help for strengthening our bones and can help to grow our bones.

* Build our muscles:-
Pineapple help boosts up our testosterone level. Testosterone is a hormone. This hormone helps our muscles to grow.

* Protect from Cancer:-
Pineapple is always protecting from different types of Cancers.

* Inflammatory disorders:-
It is highly effective in the treatment of inflammatory disorders like Sciatica. And it also prevents Uric acid in the tissues, can reduce the risks of gout.

* Boost our immune system:-
Pineapple also boosts our immune system naturally. If you drink one glass of Pineapple Juice, so it helps us to boost our immune system in our body.

* Help to digest:-
Pineapple can help to digest our food properly. So we are relieved from gastrointestinal disorder’s problems.

* Protect from Hypertension:-
Pineapple always protects from Hypertension’s problems.

* Relieves Nausea:-
Pineapple relieves from Nausea. So really Pineapple is a very nice fruit. So you eat Pineapple regularly or maybe drink Pineapple juice regularly.

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Hi guys, This is Dipayan. I hope you are like this recipe and I am sure you have tried this recipe in your home. Because this is a very simple and very healthy recipe. In this drink, you can add Mint leaves because Mint is very good for our health.

And I always write benefits of fruits in my all recipes. So I hope this information really helps full for all and if anybody has any questions, so please ask me by comments.



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