Top 5 ONLINE Associates Degree in Hospitality Management Program 2022

Associate Degree in Hospitality Management By Monroe College

This Hospitality Management associate degree program contains the basic knowledge of the hospitality industry which includes room division, food and beverage, travel and tourism. This degree program is very helpful for those who are interested to complete a Hospitality management associate degree course online. Through this course, you'll learn the targeted, career-focused skills which are very important for growth in the Hotel industry.



This associate degree program includes courses in Human resources, Marketing, Sales and Finance, and also teaches the fundamental hospitality practices and principles. After completing this course you will gain core knowledge of the hospitality industry and will prepare you to work in hotels, sports venues, casinos, travel and tourism, and even in the food and beverage industry.


Hospitality and Tourism Management Associate in Science

From this online Associate degree in hospitality and tourism management program, you will learn the entire Hospitality and tourism management knowledge with leadership skills, personality development, personal hygiene, and grooming standards in the hospitality industry. After completing this degree program you will have a high chance to get placements in 5-star hotels or any hospitality sector as well as in the tourism industry. During this course, you can apply for Internships also.


Associate of Applied Science in Hospitality Management

From this online A.A.S. degree in hospitality management You learn how to operate a fine dining restaurant and how to set the menu items in national and international cuisine. During this course, you can also apply for internship programs. And after becoming a graduate from this hospitality management A.A.S. degree program it will provide great job placement in restaurants, hotels, country clubs, travel and tourism, food and beverage, and related sectors.


Associate of Applied Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

This online Associate degree in hotel and restaurant management program will provide you with the hotel and restaurant management skills to build a career in the hospitality industry. The focus area of this course is to teach you about customer satisfaction, communication, budgeting, project planning, soft skills, personal hygiene and grooming standards, problem-solving skills, etc.