9 Best  Online Hotel Management Courses  with Certificate

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This online hospitality management class starts with an introduction to the nature of hospitality, such as the relationships between different hospitality sectors and tourism, the various types of accommodation, different types of guests, and fulfilling their requests.

1. Diploma in Hospitality Management

Through this online hospitality certificate program, you will learn about the core departments of the Hotel or Hospitality industry with other departments also like Finance, Marketing, and Revenue management.

2. Hospitality Management Cornell Certificate Program

From this online hospitality marketing course, we will get understand the meaning of inbound marketing, methods, and the tools used in inbound marketing, content creation, and social media marketing totally free of cost from the Udemy platform.

3. Hospitality Inbound Marketing Fundamentals and Practice

This online hospitality management certificate program will help you to gain core knowledge about the luxury market, the latest technologies in the field, and marketing, human resources, with other important business practices.

4. MicroMasters Program in International Hospitality Management

This online hospitality business management course will teach you how to increase profits and how to manage all the hospitality departments. You learn about the four major operational departments as well as other department knowledge step by step.

5. Demand Management: Breaking down today’s commercial silo

This online hotel course will also give you core knowledge about the Front office department. Duties and responsibilities of Front office manager and receptionist. Also, learn about the SOP of the Front office department. And every aspect of the Housekeeping department.

6. Hospitality Management Studies - Hotel Operation

The next free hotel management online course is from Coursera, which is a global leading platform of online courses. This Fundamentals of hotel distribution course covers the basics of hotel demand management, distribution, and revenue management.

7. The Fundamentals of Hotel Distribution

Unlike most distance learning providers, Brentwood is committed to offering the best hotel management certificate program for 100% free of cost. And the special thing is this course has no time restrictions, no deadlines, and is open to enroll for 365 days of a year.

8. Hotel Management Course by Brentwood

The purpose of this online hotel management training is to provide a core understanding of the fundamentals of revenue management to beginner students in the hotel industry. This course is structured to provide an insightful look into revenue management.

9. The Fundamentals of Revenue Management