Top 6 Online Masters in Hospitality Management Programs 2022

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1. Online MBA – Hospitality Business Management Concentration

From this online MBA in hospitality management course, you learn about Hospitality marketing, event promotions, and customer relationship management with leadership skills, human resources, and finance marketing skills which are the most important skills for the Hospitality industry.


2. Online MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management by UCF

By this master's in hospitality and tourism management online program, you will get theoretical as well as practical experience in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Through this UCF online hospitality master's program, you'll also learn about strategic marketing, financial analysis.


3. Master of Management in Hospitality from Cornell University 

This online Master's in hospitality management Cornell program will help you to learn how to think creatively for business in the Hospitality industry. You learn the professional communication skills which are most important in this industry.


4. Master of Science Hospitality Management by FIU

It's a great online hospitality MBA program that will teach you how to flexibly work or how to grow yourself in this Hospitality or Hotel industry. With this online master's degree in hospitality management program, you will learn Managerial skills which are very helpful in the Multi billion-dollar international as well as national industry.


5. Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism by USC

This online master's in tourism and hospitality management will help you to gain an advanced level of learning for your career in the Hospitality industry. Also, you'll gain knowledge about service quality management, marketing, revenue management, human resource management, events and tourism development in the hospitality and tourism industry.


6. M.S. in Hospitality Management by UNT

With this Master of Science degree in Hospitality Management online, you learn how to run the hospitality business and also you learn the technical skills and quality knowledge and how you build the skills very fast. You'll gain the knowledge of how to develop companies database and how to systematically communicate with the guest.