4 Types of Breakfast

in Hotel Industry


A Continental breakfast is a very light morning breakfast. This type of breakfast is usually served in a buffet and is also designed by European breakfast. This breakfast service basically focuses on foods that can easily be stocked.

1. Continental Breakfast

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American breakfast is a breakfast that is not too light and not too heavy. In this breakfast type, Coffee is the most preferred beverage.  It includes fresh fruits and juice, breakfast cereals, eggs to order, waffles/pancakes served with syrup and honey.

2. American Breakfast

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English breakfast is a heavy breakfast. This breakfast service type is usually served in the UK and Ireland. It comes from different regional variants with different names depending on the area.

3. English Breakfast

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House breakfast is the breakfast menu of the establishment available at a set price which is named after the hotel. It include fruit juice, breakfast cereals, eggs to order, breakfast rolls with butter, and preserves or some items from English breakfast.

4. House Breakfast

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