How to Setup Buffet Tables in Hotels

Buffet service always plays a major role in hotels. Other than the three main meals which are also served in the outlets of international catering units, and other restaurants to meet the requirements of the guests.

So, now here I will discuss the buffet table setting arrangement for the hotels.

The Steps to Setup Buffet Tables in Hotel

These are the steps for buffet table settings in a hotel:

1. First of all, the Buffet table setup should be in a way that there is ample space for the customers to move around freely and to choose the dishes displayed.

2. It should be near the pickup and dish wash area so that replenishment and the clearing of dirty dishes can be done fast and effectively.

3. The number of customers to be set up is determined by the area available, time available for service, number of guests to be served, and category of dishes. The counters are divided into food, beverages, and water.

4. The buffet table should be covered up with a clean cloth and the edge of the table should be pinned with a long clean satin cloth of pleasing colors. If satin is not used, the fall of the cloth should be even all around the table.

5. Occasional tables and chairs are positioned leaving adequate space for the guests and service staff to move freely. These tables should be clothed with a well-laundered cloth.

6. The buffet tables in hotels should have the necessary serving tools like different crockeries, service gear, and serviettes neatly arranged.

7. The tea and coffee section of the buffet will have adequate cups and saucers with teaspoons arranged in two tiers. A basin or any container may be kept under the table to collect the drips of beverages.

8. The juice and soft drinks buffet will be equipped with an ice bucket, drinking straws, bottle openers, salvers, and any other dish to be served.

9. A separate counter near the wash or at convenient places should be set up required for service.

10. A separate counter near the wash or at convenient places should be set up to collect the soiled crockery and cutlery. The table must have a bowl to collect the food waste and a tray for collecting dirty cutlery.

11. Keep trash cans in convenient positions for collecting used disposable. They should be lined with disposable bags. The floral centerpiece should be the focal point around which the dishes of food would be placed. Cake stands may be used for presentation and display purposes.

Below is a practical video guide about buffet table setup,

Dipayan Mondal
Dipayan Mondal

Dipayan is the author of this blog. He completed his hotel management degree from GNIHM, Kolkata. And he is very passionate about the hospitality industry. And right now, he is working as a successful hotelier in a 5-star hotel.