What is Cider and Perry

What is Cider?

Cider is an alcoholic drink obtained by fermenting the juice of cider apples. It is also legally permitted to make cider from a mixture of apple juice and pear juice, the latter being the maximum of 25% in the mix.

Cider apples have sugar, acid, and tannin in perfect composition, thus making them suitable for cider preparation. Selected fresh cider apples are thoroughly washed and crushed in the mill to make a pulp known as pomace.

The pomace is wrapped in a coarse cloth to form cheese and then it is pressed to obtain the juice. The fermented liquid is called Cider. The cider is matured for a few weeks and blended before selling.

What are the Types of Cider?

Cider is available in the following types:

1. Draught Cider

Draught cider is usually unfiltered and has a dosage of yeast and sugar to induce fermentation which gives sparkle to the product. It is termed a cask-conditioned cider.

2. Keg Cider

It is a pasteurized and filtered cider that is usually carbonated and sweetened. It is very brilliant in appearance.

3. Bottled Cider

It is a pasteurized and filtered cider bottled with a dosage of yeast and sugar to induce secondary fermentation in the bottle or impregnated with carbon dioxide gas. Secondary fermentation may be induced in closed tanks and bottled with gas.

Brands of Cider

  1. Bulmers.
  2. Gaymers.
  3. Magners.
  4. Coates.
  5. Merrydown.
  6. Whiteways.

What is Perry?

Perry is an alcoholic drink obtained by fermenting the juice of a pear. It is made the same way as cider. In the production of perry, it is allowed to mix cider juice to a maximum of 25 percent. Perry is carbonated either by tank method or direct impregnation method.

Brands of Perry

  1. Lambrini.
  2. Bulmers Pear.
  3. Perry Ritz.
  4. Magners Pear.

Cider and Perry are fermented drinks. Cider is made from the juice of apples and it is permitted to add up to 25 percent pear juice while making cider.

Perry is produced from pear juice and it is allowed to mix up to 25 percent apple juice to perry. Both cider and perry are available as still or sparkling varieties with a dry or sweet taste. They are marketed in casks and bottles.

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