Advantages and Disadvantages of American Service

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of American Service


What is American Service

This is a simple and informal form of service. It is also termed as a plated service. In this style, dishes are neatly plated in the kitchen by the kitchen staff and placed at the guest’s cover from the right-hand side.

American Service Advantages and Disadvantages

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the American service style.

Advantages of American Service:

  • Service skill is not required.
  • Low labor cost.
  • Needs fewer waiters.
  • Quick service.
  • High seat turnover as service is fast.
  • The kitchen staff has scope demonstrating their plating skills.

Disadvantages of American Service:

  • No personalized service.
  • Chances of plate wastage.
  • Skilled writers do not have the scope to show their service skills.
  • Food may become cold.
  • More kitchen time and labor.

American Service Rules

  1. The waiter should be able to carry at least three dished out full plates to speed up the service. For a group of more than three guests, the waiter and the assistant waiter work as a team to place the plates. Using trays for transporting plates is not recommended.
  2. Trays are used to carry dished out cups and bowls. Cups are placed on the saucers and bowls on quarter plates with the appropriate spoons.
  3. On reaching the table, standing at the right of the guest, the waiter needs to places the bowls of minestrone soup on a tray.
  4. On reaching the table, standing at the right of the guest, the waiter places the bowl on a quarter plate, positions the soup spoon on the plate, and keeps it at the guest’s cover from the right-hand side in such a way that the spoon is to the right of the guest. He/she moves to the next guest and repeats the same.
  5. The server moves clockwise while placing plated food. Dishes such as prawn cocktail, salads, soups, masala dosa, vada sambar, sandwiches, burgers, ice creams, and so on, are served in this way.

This American service style is followed in restaurants located in busy areas where service needs to be very quick. Coffee shops, fast food outlets, casual dining restaurants, and restaurants located in the busy areas follow this style of service.

Points to remember while American table service:

  • All plated food is served from the right-hand side to the guest.
  • Beverages are served from the right.
  • Clearance is done from the right-hand side.
  • The tray is used to carrying cups, bowls, saucers, and underplates.
  • The tray should not be used to carry full and half plates.
  • Move clockwise when you work from the right-hand side and counter-clockwise when you work from the left hand.

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