green sea mocktail recipe

Recipe of Green Sea Mocktail

Green Sea Mocktail Recipe


  1. Khus syrup:- 30ml.
  2. Kiwi crush:- 20ml.
  3. Lemon juice:- 1tsp.
  4. Sprite or 7 up a little bit.
  5. Ice cubes as required.
  6. Mint spring for garnish.


  1. Add ice to a shaker. Add the Khus syrup and the Kiwi crush to the shaker.
  2. To cut down the excess sweetness from both the Khus syrup and Kiwi crush and add 1tsp of lemon juice.
  3. After that shake it nicely.
  4. Now add ice cubes to a serving glass.
  5. Then pour in the glass and pour a little bit 7 up or Sprite.
  6. Then top it up with mint Springs for garnish.
  7. Then it is served.

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