Don’t do these 7 Grooming Mistakes in Hotel Management

You know most of the students didn’t have a grooming sense. They don’t know how to look clean? or How to look like a gentleman?

So here I shared some tips for hotel management students about different grooming mistakes in hotel management. If you follow these tips I am sure, your personality turns into a well-groomed personality and you look like a gentleman.

Common Grooming Mistakes that Hotel Management Students Do

These are the grooming mistakes in hotel management usually made by hotel management students:

1. Hairstyle for Hotel Management Students

Some students didn’t cut their hair properly. One thing you can notice when you enter a hotel management college, so from that day you treat yourself as a Hotelier. So your hair should be trimmed. This means always maintaining your hair trimmed.

2. Shave properly

Some Students didn’t shave properly. Always maintain a clean shaving routine. No beard only a clean shave. Because beard is not allowed in hotel management.

3. Use Oxford shoes or well-polished shoe

Some students didn’t use Oxford Shoes and didn’t polish daily. It’s mandatory to maintain perfect Oxford shoes with well polished. And girls should always use Balerina Shoes.

4. Trim Nails

Some Students didn’t trim their nails. So always maintain trim nails.

5. Take care of Face

Most students didn’t take care of their faces. I know very well every girl maintains and takes care of their face but Boys didn’t take care of their faces.

So I suggest one thing, clean your face with face wash twice a day. If you clean your face twice a day so your face looks sharp and active. And every day drink 4 to 5ltr. water.

6. Brush properly

Some Students didn’t brush their teeth properly. Bad smelling from the mouth. Guys every day clean your teeth twice or thrice.

7. Use good Perfumes or Bodysprays

Most of the students didn’t use good quality perfumes or body sprays. So, guys, I suggest one thing always uses a branded perfume or a good body spray.

So friends if you follow these grooming tips then I am sure your personality turns into a well-groomed personality and you look like a gentleman.

Dipayan Mondal
Dipayan Mondal

Dipayan is the author of this blog. He completed his hotel management degree from GNIHM, Kolkata. And he is very passionate about the hospitality industry. And right now, he is working as a successful hotelier in a 5-star hotel.