Top 9 Free Online Hospitality & Hotel Management Courses with Certificate 2023

What is Hotel Management Course?

Hotel management is a great course to build your career in Hotel or Hospitality industry. This course will help you to become successful hospitality personnel. It has different types, like Diploma in Hotel Management, Degree in Hotel Management, MBA in Hotel Management, and some other certificate courses are also available.

Diploma courses have two types:

  1. Diploma in Hotel management
  2. Diploma in Hospitality management

Degree courses have four types:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management
  2. Bachelor in Hotel Management
  3. Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management Catering Technology
  4. BSC in Hotel or Hospitality Management

During these courses, you will get industrial training or internship opportunities for 6 months to 1 year. All these courses are amazing and will help you to gain a basic to advance level of knowledge in the Hospitality industry.

After completing these courses, you can get placement opportunities in any Hospitality sector like in the Hotel industry, Aviation industry, or Cruise lines.

9 Best Online Hospitality & Hotel Management Courses with Certificates

List of hospitality management online certification classes:

1. Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue & Demand Management Specialization

From: Coursera

The biggest and most important challenge of the Hospitality industry is the manage sales, revenue, distribution, and finance from negative impact, which has a direct relation to companies’ growth.

This online hospitality business management course will teach you how to increase profits and how to manage all the hospitality departments. You learn about the four major operational departments as well as other department knowledge step by step.

This online free hospitality training class has a total of 4 modules which are Asset Management, Digital Marketing, Demand Generation, and Demand Optimization.

And all these courses are designed by top industry experts and it gives an opportunity to learn from the most experienced faculties from the top universities.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn to manage sales, revenue, distribution, and finance from negative impact.
  • Learn to increase the profits and how to manage all the hospitality departments.
  • Learn about personal hygiene and grooming standards.
  • Learn about the new tools and techniques which are very helpful or useful in the Hotel industry.
  • Learn about service skills and quality knowledge.
  • Learn about 360-degree service skills.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Course Duration: Approx. 14 hours

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2. Hotel Management Fundamentals – Hotel Management Operations

From: Skillshare

Through this online hotel management training course, you will learn about Hotel classifications, Department organization, their functions, and how it works together.

This online hotel course will also provide you with core knowledge about the hotel front office department, and the Duties and responsibilities of the front office manager, hotel manager, and receptionist.

Also, you’ll learn about the SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) of the front office department. And every aspect of the housekeeping department.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn the classification of hotel departments, their functions, and how they work.
  • Learn the basic to advance level of knowledge of the front office department.
  • Learn about SOP.
  • Learn the ins and out and every aspect of the hotel management industry.
  • Learn about the housekeeping departments.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Course Duration: 1 hr 7 mins

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3. The Fundamentals of Hotel Revenue Management

From: Coursera

This online hospitality revenue management certificate program covers the basics of hotel demand, distribution, and revenue management strategies.

With modern-day rising acquisition costs and distribution complexities, revenue management techniques have increasingly been adopted by both small and large hotel companies, making a comprehensive understanding of segmentation, forecasting, and pricing an essential requirement for today’s hospitality professionals.

The purpose of this hotel management online training is to provide a core understanding of the fundamentals of revenue management to beginner students in the hotel industry. This course is structured to provide an insightful look into revenue management.

No matter you are managing a restaurant or in the hotel business, this online hotel revenue management course is a must to join.

It’ll take approx 11 hours to complete the course from start to end. And after completing the course you will get a digital shareable certificate which you can attach to your Linkedin profile.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Getting started with revenue management
  • Get an introduction to Segmentation
  • Introduction to Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Introduction to Pricing.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Course Duration: Approx. 4 months

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4. Hospitality Menu Cost Control, Recipe Calculation & Secrets to improve Sales

From: Skillshare

This hotel management course in Food & Beverage and Recipe and Cost calculation is great to learn food costing for a restaurant.

If you looking to build your career as a restaurant manager or in the F&B sector then this course from SkillShare will be the best option for you.

It will teach you to design a menu, menu cost control, etc that will help to grow your restaurant/bar profitability and save a lot of costs. And it’s a self-paced online course and will be life accessible for you after your purchase.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn Menu cost calculation.
  • Learn the psychology behind Menu planning.
  • Learn to decide the perfect price for your products.
  • Learn to grow the profit amount for your bar or restaurant.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Course Duration: 30 mins

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5. Diploma in Hospitality Management

From: Alison

The hospitality industry generates tons of revenue every year means hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue annually.

From this online diploma in hospitality management program, you’ll learn the required skills to work in the hospitality industry.

This online hospitality management class starts with an introduction to the nature of hospitality, such as the relationships between different hospitality sectors and tourism, the various types of accommodation, different types of guests, and fulfilling their requests.

This hospitality course from Alison is completely free for all, anyone with any qualification can enroll, study and complete their course absolutely for free of cost except the certificate.

The certificate is paid, and you can purchase the certificate from the Alison shop.

Course Enrollment: Free

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Course Duration: Approx. 10-15 hours

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6. Hotel Management – Hotel Marketing Strategies

From: Udemy

If you are new to Hotel Marketing, Hospitality digital marketing, or general hotel staff, and wish to understand how to do hotel marketing in this complex digital space then this online program for hospitality marketing will help you to navigate your path.

No matter if you are a beginner in marketing, a hotelier or hotel staff, or a digital marketing student this hospitality marketing fundamental course is absolutely suitable for you.

From this free hotel marketing online course, we will get to understand the meaning of inbound marketing, methods, and the tools used in inbound marketing, content creation, and social media marketing totally free of cost from the Udemy platform.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn to increase hotel occupancy rates, direct bookings, and sales.
  • Difference between traditional marketing and inbound marketing strategies.
  • Steps and methodologies of inbound marketing.
  • Tools used in inbound marketing.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Course Duration: 5 hours

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7. The Fundamentals of Hotel Distribution

From: Coursera

The next free hotel management online course is from Coursera, which is a global leading platform for online courses.

This hotel distribution basic course covers the fundamentals of hotel demand management, distribution, and revenue management.

You’ll learn how E-commerce intermediaries such as online travel agencies are impacting the complex hospitality sector, and you’ll explore tools and techniques that will help you effectively market hospitality services and maximize business revenue in this new global industry landscape.

The duration of this course is approx. 16 hours and each topic are divided into multiple videos, readings, and practical exercises. This course is completely free to enroll in from Coursera’s website.

Already 27,566 students are enrolled in this course till now. And the main thing is this course got 4.7-star reviews which proves the greatness of this course for every hotelier.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn to set the scene.
  • A deep dive into hotel distribution.
  • Learn about direct distribution- the key to hotel success.
  • Learn how to manage your OTA.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Course Duration: Approx. 16 Hours

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8. MicroMasters Program in International Hospitality Management

From: EDX

This international hospitality management micro masters online program is to develop leaders in the global hospitality industry.

This online hospitality management certificate program will help you to gain core knowledge about the luxury market, the latest technologies in the field, marketing, human resources, with other important business practices.

This online hospitality program is a combination of four different hospitality courses which are managing Human Resources in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Managing Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Innovation and Technology Management in Tourism and Hospitality, and Luxury Management.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Leadership skills and best practices for managing human resources.
  • Integrated marketing management and strategies for the modern hospitality industry.
  • Learn the technologies and innovations in hospitality and beyond.
  • Luxury product concepts, power of luxury brands, and evaluation of luxury experiences.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Course Duration: 8 Months

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9. Hospitality Management Cornell Certificate Program

From: Cornell University

This hospitality online course is most important where you can learn every aspect of the Hotel industry.

Through this Cornell University online hospitality certificate program, you will learn about the core departments of the Hotel or Hospitality industry with other departments also like Finance, Marketing, and Revenue management.

You will also learn how to manage Hospitality operations which are very helpful for you to become a key player in this industry.

This online course includes highly interactive virtual Zoom sessions with Cornell’s experienced faculty members and hospitality experts.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn to understand financial statements
  • Learn high-performance team building.
  • Learn services marketing, planning, and management.
  • Hotel revenue management introduction.
  • Learn how to build guest loyalty.
  • Hospitality Symposium.
  • Introduction to Hotel operations.

Course Enrollment: Paid

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Course Duration: 3 Months

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All the above online hospitality management courses on this list are great to start right now, especially after this pandemic period. You no need to travel anywhere or there is no need to spend tons of fees on a course, all are accessible free of cost from home through your mobile or laptop.

One piece of advice for those who are wondering which course is the best to take. Browse through some hotel management jobs to get a clear understanding of what skills are relevant and required in the market right now.

So, if want to invest your time and want to add some value, and enhance your skills to skyrocket your career growth, then enroll in any suitable course right now and keep yourself one step ahead of others.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any short course for Hotel Management?

Yes, if you want to do a short-term hotel management course then you can enroll in an online HM course. The maximum duration of an online hotel management course is 5-6 weeks.

Can I study Hospitality Management online?

Yes, Hospitality management courses are also available online. And after completion of this online course, you can get certificates also.

Is HM a good career option?

No doubt, Hotel management is an option to build a great career in the hospitality industry. After hotel management, one can apply for jobs in various sectors for a handsome amount of salary.

Is there any entrance exam for Hotel Management?

Yes, there is an exam called “NCHMCT JEE”. First, you need to prepare well for this NCHMCT exam and then after a good rank, you can get admitted to a good HM college.

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