What is Hotel Event Planning: Checklist, Duties & Salary

What is Hospitality Event Management?

Event management in the hotel industry is the process of organizing or planning an event on a small or large scale like Wedding Events, Formal Parties, Corporate Events, Business conferences, etc. The entire process is managed by a team and run by a host. And it’s a huge responsibility to organize a successful event.

The event manager plans and executes the event and then gives the responsibilities to the team members. This responsibility includes all the event design, branding, decoration, marketing, budgeting, and many more.

So basically event planning refers to the service of specific functions for specific groups of people at an assigned time. The event may vary in size and importance depending on the type of function and the number of people expected for it.

It includes anything from a simple event service to a state banquet event or from small birthday parties to a grade trade exhibition. The event may be organized either within the premises of the hotel or outside, according to the host’s wish.

Importance of Event Management in the Hospitality Industry

Event Management is a huge department in the Hospitality industry. And this department of a hotel is the most demandable also. Hotel Event Management ensures the smooth operations of any organization. These functions may vary from one to another depending on various factors.

The main focus of this department is to organize Parties, Business Meetings, Conferences, Luxury, etc. And this hotel event management department is a huge revenge-generating part of the Hospitality industry.

Event managers guide their subordinates towards the attainment of objectives desired by providing them with the necessary materials, tools, skills, knowledge, and a good environment.

Event planning operations are continuous. The staff deals with guests of different temperaments and needs and is under great pressure, especially during peak hours.

It is the responsibility of the event manager to ensure everything is in the right place and is adequate enough throughout the operations, and the right people are at the right job and are trained adequately.

The Checklist for Hotel Event Planning

1. Brainstorming

  • Will the Event work?
  • How many people do you need to make the event happen?
  • Does the event serve a need previously not met on campus?
  • Do we have the resources to make it happen?

2. Budgeting

  • Prepare a detailed budget for the upcoming event

3. Scheduling

  • Talk with the appropriate room reservation office
  • What size room do you need?
  • What kind of tech needs do you have?
  • What can you afford?
  • Tentatively book a couple of dates
  • Call your performer or vendor (if applicable) and schedule the performance date.
  • Call the reservation office back to confirm your date.
  • Schedule a meeting to go over your tech needs and room setup.
  • Schedule the travel arrangements for your performer, including a ride to and from the airport and/or hotel.
  • Book hotels and/or make dinner reservations for your performer.

4. Permits

  • Food Permit filled out
  • Outdoor Space Permit filled out
  • Alcohol Permit filled out
  • Sound Permit filled out
  • Sanitation Permit filled out
  • Sales/understanding permit filled out
  • Security Schedule
  • Film License

5. Grants/Fundraising

  • If you are applying for grants, did you get your applications in by the deadline?
  • Have you scheduled an appointment to meet with the grant committee?
  • What measures are you taking to ensure you can pay your performer/vendors upfront?

6. Advertising

  • Postering
  • E-mailing Listserves
  • Chalking
  • Other forms of marketing

7. Shopping

  • Supplies needed for your Event
  • Silverware
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Cups
  • Decorations
  • Cashbox
  • Performer-specific items/requests
  • Other

8. Week Prior

  • Call reservations and make sure all details are secured
  • Call performer and make sure travel arrangements are secured
  • Call SAO and make sure all permits have been signed and are completely ready to pick up
  • Assign event shifts for group volunteers (setup, during, take down)
  • Create any programs or fliers needed at the event

9. Day of Event

  • Pick up the performer/vendor and get to the performance site
  • Compile performer requests in the dressing room
  • Arrive early for the event for set-up
  • Meet vendors at the event and assist with set-up
  • Greet guests at the door
  • Have fun!
  • Clean up, remember that the location of your reservation may have special clean-up regulations.

10. After the Event

  • Send thank-you notes to performers and to volunteers who worked extra hard
  • Do a post-event evaluation
  • Make sure to pay all bills and turn in all grant paperwork on time!!

Note: Don’t forget to keep a list of the people and the phone numbers that you are contacting throughout your planning.

Duties and Responsibilities of Hotel Event Planner

The Event planner is also called the Event Coordinator.

So, here’s a list of the roles and responsibilities of a hospitality event planner on a daily basis.

  1. An event planner identifies each and every client’s requirements and expectations.
  2. Implement all the event works.
  3. Find or book a perfect venue for the event by researching.
  4. Organize all the event accessories or supplies. Like Staff hiring, Entertainment accessories, Catering, Theme designing, etc.
  5. A hotel event planner works on a wide range of events from government meetings, and conventions to weddings.
  6. An event planner prepares or presents post-event reports.
  7. An event planner prepares or plans a budget for the upcoming event.

What is the Salary of a Hotel Event Manager?

The average salary for a hotel event planning manager is between $54,800 to $61,224 per year in the USA and approx. $152 tips per day.

And an average Event Coordinator’s salary in the USA is $46,872 per year. But the salary range is typically between $38,361 to $57,645 in a year. The salary can be varied according to hotel brands.

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