Types of Rum

What are the Different Types of Rum & Popular Brands of Rum

What is Rum

Rum is a type of spirit, distilled from fermented sugarcane by-products such as sugarcane juice, sugarcane syrup, and molasses. The most commonly used by-product is molasses. It is distilled at less than 190 proof and bottled at not less than 80 proof.

Rum is one of the important Alcohol on a bar shelf. It is used in the preparation of many exotic cocktails. It is also used extensively in culinary preparations to enhance the flavor of the dishes and also in flambéing. Rum is produced in all sugarcane-producing countries of the world.

Different Types of Rum

  1. White and light rum.
  2. Dark rum.
  3. Spiced rum.
  4. Gold rum.
  5. Flavored rum.
  6. Overproof rum.
  7. Premium rum.

Popular Rum

  1. Puerto Rican rum.
  2. Jamaican rum.
  3. Martinique rum.
  4. Demerara rum.

Brand Names of Rum

  1. Captain Morgan.
  2. Myers.
  3. Appleton Estate.
  4. El Dorado.
  5. Lamb’s Navy.
  6. Mount Gay.
  7. Cruzan rum.

White Rum Brands

  1. Bacardi
  2. Tropical
  3. Ron Rico
  4. Drycane
  5. Don Q Cristal
  6. 10 cane

What is the History of Rum

Rum was first produced in the Caribbean countries in the 17th century. The sugar plantations were maintained by slaves who had been brought to the Caribbean from Africa by the British.

They distilled crude and harsh rum as early as 1647 in small pot stills in the sugarcane fields. In those days, it was consumed without maturing and was the drink of the English pirates and the British Navy. Today, the term ‘Gorg‘ in beverage service generally means rum with water.