Top 7 Best Hotel Companies to Work for in 2024

Following the understandable decline in the travel and tourism industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has since experienced impressive growth and is expected to grow to a huge $854.7 billion worldwide by the end of 2023.

If you are looking to work in a hotel, this growth gives you plenty of opportunities to find your perfect job.

Regardless of whether you are experienced in the hotel industry or a hotel newbie, the hotel business is bursting with opportunities to suit your skills and aspirations.

However, with so many well-known companies operating in the travel and tourism industry, it can be difficult to decide which positions to apply for.

7 Best-Paying Hotel Companies to Work for 2024

Here’s a list of the top hospitality companies to work for:

1. Hilton Hotels and Resorts

Top 7 Best Hotel Companies to Work for in 2024

Hotel rank: 2nd in the world

Company size by employees: 160,000 peoples

Why it’s a great place to work:

Last year, the leading hotel brands in the world were ranked according to their value. With a value of $12 billion, it comes as no surprise that the Hilton was ranked as the highest-value hotel in the world. Additionally, Hilton Hotels and Resorts was named the second best company to work for by Fortune and Great Places to Work.

With more than 159,000 employees and 7,000 hotels in 122 countries, the Hilton has something for every employee.

Whether you want to work at the corporate headquarters in Virginia, USA, manage a Hilton hotel in London or Singapore, or look after the high-end guests in Bora Bora, your perfect job could be just around the corner.

Another great reason to work for Hilton Hotels is that they make an effort to invest in their staff. This means that even if you are not experienced in the hospitality industry, with Hilton Hotels, you can start at the bottom and work your way up. Hilton Hotels also offers great benefits, including a retirement program and a stock purchase plan.

2. Hyatt Hotels

Top 7 Best Hotel Companies to Work for in 2024

Company size by employees: 45,000 employees in USA

Why it’s a great place to work:

Hyatt was voted in the Top 5 Hospitality Employers in 2022 and 76th overall by Fortune. Indeed, they refer to their employees as the ‘Hyatt family’. To back up their claim of being a family, 21% of all Hyatt employees have been with the company for 16 years or more.

Hyatt has more than 45,000 employees in the US alone and more than 1,350 hotels around the world. They support 10% of all jobs in the travel and tourism industry worldwide.

Hyatt is one of the best hospitality companies to work for if you are young. Hyatt created their RiseHY program to help young people build life-long careers in the hotel business.

Regardless of your job role, you are likely to feel appreciated at the Hyatt.  90% of Hyatt employees said that they felt valued, regardless of their position in the company.

3. Marriott International

Top 7 Best Hotel Companies to Work for in 2024

Company size by employees: 140,000 people

Why it’s a great place to work:

Many people don’t realize that Marriott is the largest hotel chain in the world and employs over 140,000 people. They have more than 8,500 Marriott hotels in 138 countries. Marriott International is worth more than $60 billion.

In 2022, Marriott was voted in the Top 20 for Best Workplaces for Parents and Best Workplaces for Women. 92% of surveyed employees stated that Marriott International is a ‘great place to work’, compared to the average of 57% in typical companies.

Marriott employees receive generous discounts at their hotels all over the world, plus discounts on food, beverages, and spa treatments.

Marriott has specialized career programs if you are a student, a graduate, or a veteran. Another great benefit is their savings program for retirement. Marriott is also making changes to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

4. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Top 7 Best Hotel Companies to Work for in 2024

Company size by employees: 40,000 people

Why it’s a great place to work:

The Ritz-Carlton brand is owned by Marriott International. However, because the brand is recognized internationally on its own merit and the hallmarks of the Ritz-Carlton hotels are so different from those of the Marriott, we are including them separately on our list.

There are more than a hundred Ritz-Carlton hotels all over the world, and they employ over 40,000 people. They heavily focus on the luxury market, with luxurious interiors and lavish hotel rooms.

The Ritz-Carlton is a popular choice for women looking to work in the hotel industry. They are frequently recognized as offering equal opportunities to both male and female employees (in terms of promotions, leadership roles, and salary increases).

The Ritz-Carlton also offers great management opportunities. They also offer part-time management roles, perfect for those with family commitments.

If you are new to the hotel world, the Ritz-Carlton is a great choice. They provide their employees with learning opportunities, such as skills training, sponsorship, and mentorship programs.

5. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Top 7 Best Hotel Companies to Work for in 2024

Company size by employees: 45,000 people

Why it’s a great place to work:

The Four Seasons is one of the most well-known hotel chains. You’ve probably seen the Four Seasons in a movie or TV show.

Although they are renowned as a luxury hotel brand in North America, they actually have more than 120 properties in 47 countries around the world.

The Four Seasons has hotels in popular destinations, including the Maldives, Hawaii, and New York, and employs over 45,000 people.

If you are considering a job at The Four Seasons, you couldn’t have chosen a better time to start your career with them. As well as the existing hotels and resorts, The Four Seasons currently has more than 50 projects under planning or development.

Whether you want to work at the corporate headquarters in Toronto, get involved with opening a new Four Seasons resort, or work at one of their established properties, The Four Seasons has great options for everyone.

6. IHG Hotels and Resorts

Top 7 Best Hotel Companies to Work for in 2024

Company size by employees: 325,000 people

Why it’s a great place to work:

Our only British-based company on the list is IHG Hotels and Resorts. IHG has more than 6,200 hotels all over the world.

Even if you don’t recognize IHG themselves, you may recognize the 18 hotel brands that IHG owns, including Six Senses Hotels, Regent Hotels, Intercontinental, Iberostar, Crowne Plaza, and Holiday Inn.

IHG also has an additional 1,900 hotels and resorts being planned and developed in 2023, making now a great time to begin your career with this company.

IHG also offers their staff learning and development programs and access to hundreds of online courses, employing over 325,000 individuals.

IHG also offers some great benefits, including paid annual leave, bonuses, colleague recognition programs, pension plans, saving plans, flexible working arrangements, family and friend discounts, and a well-being program.

7. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Top 7 Best Hotel Companies to Work for in 2024

Company size by employees: 8,000 people

Why it’s a great place to work:

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is one of the biggest hotel franchisors in the world. They have more than 9,000 hotels in 95 countries. Wyndham is the parent company of 20 well-known hotel brands.

This includes Baymont, Days Inn, La Quinta, Caesars Resorts, and Travelodge, and employs 8,000 people.

Wyndham offers many different benefits, including parental leave, commuter benefits, staff appreciation days, and hotel discounts. Wyndham also offers other staff benefits, including coaching and mentoring programs. This is great for those who want to further their careers.

Final Thoughts

No matter which of these seven great hotel companies you choose, working in a hotel can be rewarding in many ways.

Working in a hotel can be both personally and professionally rewarding. Not only will you have the opportunity to succeed at work, but you can also do a job you love.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why is Hilton the best company to work for?

    Hilton Hotels invests in its staff, allowing newcomers to rise through the ranks. They also provide excellent benefits, including a retirement program and stock purchase plan.

  2. Is it better to work for Hilton or Marriott?

    This is dependent on personal preference, but if you would rather work at a place with more hotels globally, the Marriott is the hotel for you. The Hilton, though, highly invests in employee growth, and the Marriott is dedicated to providing specialized programs. Depending on what you want to gain from your work experience, the Hilton might be a good option as well.

  3. Which hotel gives the best salary?

    Marriott and Hyatt are among the highest-paying hotels in the world.

  4. Do Hilton hotel employees get free rooms?

    Around the world, Hilton employees get discounted hotel rooms.

  5. What jobs can you do in hotels?

    Each hotel listed above has a huge variety of job opportunities for people with different experiences, interests, qualifications, and aspirations.
    For example, you could work as a hotel receptionist, a concierge, a porter, a room attendant, a chef, a director of purchasing, an event planner, or a maintenance worker. Alternatively, you could work in the head office or focus on the administrative side of hotels.
    If you are interested in management roles, a bachelor degree in hotel management is a great pathway into hospitality management. This is particularly true for people looking to enter the industry or upskill themselves.

Dipayan Mondal
Dipayan Mondal

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