Top 5 Best Online Bartending Schools in 2024

How can you take online bartending school?

If you want to be a bartender, one of the first things you need to do is join an online bartending school. There are many virtual bartending schools available, but only a handful are truly worth your time and money.

Before you enroll in any bartending school, it’s important to do your research and make sure the school is reputable. There are many fly-by-night schools that will take your money and give you little in return, so it’s important to be careful.

5 Best Free and Paid Online Bartending Schools of 2024

A list of the top free bartending schools online:

#1. Masterclass with Lynnette Marrero & Ryan Chetiyawardana Teach Mixology

Top 5 Best Online Bartending Schools in 2024

James Beard Lynnette Marrero is the co-owner of the NYC Craft Cocktail Movement. And Ryan Chetiyawardana is the founder of Dandelyan, which is the world’s best bar.

Here, you can learn the essentials of cocktail making. Also, you’ll learn how to build your own home bar. And learn how to mix ingredients and make perfectly balanced drinks.

What you’ll learn from this course:

  • You can learn the essentials of cocktail-making.
  • How to become a great bartender as well as a mixologist
  • Learn how to build your perfect home bar.
  • Learn how to mix the ingredients in the drinks.
  • Learn how to make perfectly balanced drinks.

Course duration: 4.5 hours

Cost: $10/month

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#2. Virtual Mixology Class by Confetti

Top 5 Best Online Bartending Schools in 2024

In this Zoom mixology class, you’ll learn to become an expert mixologist by learning basic skills.

Through this course, you’ll learn to craft two classic cocktails using the mixology kit, which will be delivered to your shipping address after enrollment in this program. And also master some bartending skills and mixology techniques.

To enroll in this program, you must have 2 cocktail glasses, 2-3 lbs. of ice, kitchen supplies, an active mailing address, and access to a Zoom account, which is free to use.

If you have all these things, then great! You’re ready to enroll in this course.

What you’ll learn from this course:

  • Learn the basic skills to be an expert mixologist.
  • Learn to make classic cocktails with the provided kit.
  • Learn some advanced bartending and mixology techniques.
  • Learn to craft your own custom cocktails at home.

Course duration: 30–60 minutes

Cost: $98 USD

Enrolled students: 495 students

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#3. Raleigh’s Bartending School

Top 5 Best Online Bartending Schools in 2024

If you are inclined towards bartending in order to make or grow your career but are unable to do so due to a lack of time, then here is the solution:

Raleigh’s Bartending School is where you’ll get the brilliant opportunity of a certification course for professional bartenders. Here, they are offering 40 hours of bartender certification classes online.

If you have ever wanted to be able to mix drinks like the professionals, this online school will teach you to make the most popular cocktails, martinis, and shooters requested in bars today.

Along with this, they will provide job placement assistance for their graduates, where the bartenders can earn $20 to $35 per hour, which could be full-time or part-time.

Through this course, you’ll get:

  • 40-hour bartending certification course.
  • Learn “Tricks of the Trade.”
  • Will get hands-on training.
  • Earn up to and over $100–$300 a day.
  • Learn about hundreds of mixed drinks.

#4. Professional Bartending School

Top 5 Best Online Bartending Schools in 2024

From this professional bartending school, you can complete the PBSO bartending school’s online course. and can also receive a nationally recognized bartending certification.

This Professional Bartending School is the one that started the world’s first online bartending school 18 years ago and also trained 30,000 bartenders in the U.S. and Canada.

The signup amount for the online bartending class is just $39.95. With this, you’ll receive a complete practice kit (DVD), a printed lesson book, video demonstrations, color illustrations, and practice exercises.

Once you complete the course, you will be able to work as a certified professional bartender in any state immediately.

Through this course, you’ll get:

  • PBSO Advanced Wine Knowledge: Five to ten hours to complete
  • PBSO Liquor Knowledge: 40–50 hours of lessons and flashcards
  • PBSO Waiter/Waitress Course: Around six hours of learning material.
  • PBSO Gratuity Secrets: Each course will take at least 2–3 hours to complete.

#5. National Bartending School

Top 5 Best Online Bartending Schools in 2024

The most popular online video bartending schools were made in the mid-90s and have old and irrelevant practices.

This California bartending school curriculum can be completed with 40 hours of schooling. Their curriculum is broken down into ten modules. Each module will take approximately one hour of instruction, followed by one hour of practical experience behind the bar.

You must attend at least one class for each of the ten chapters in order to be eligible for testing. This online school offers classes six days per week, up to three times per day.

There will be two types of tests—written and practical—behind the bar exam. Once the test is completed, staffing services can begin to place you in bartending jobs.

However, online bartending schools do not offer real job placement because no bar is hiring from them.


For those looking to master the art of bartending, there are various online options available in 2024.

The Masterclass with Lynnette Marrero & Ryan Chetiyawardana offers an excellent course on mixology and building your home bar. The Virtual Mixology Class by Confetti provides a hands-on experience with the delivery of a mixology kit. Raleigh’s Bartending School offers a comprehensive 40-hour certification course with job placement assistance.

Professional Bartending School boasts a long-standing reputation, and National Bartending School offers a structured curriculum. These schools provide a range of options for aspiring bartenders to enhance their skills.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much does online bartending school cost?

    The cost of bartending schools depends on that school’s fee structure. But the average cost of an online bartending school is between $29 and $150.

  2. Is online bartending school worth it?

    Yes, of course, if you join an online bartending class, then it’s the best choice, because if you have zero knowledge or little knowledge of bartending, no matter what, an online course can build your bartending knowledge properly.
    And after completing the course, you’ll get 100% job placements as well. And I think this is the best option for everyone who wants to make a career in bartending.

  3. Is an online bartending school legit?

    Yes! There are many online bartending schools that are accredited and offer the same quality education as traditional bartending schools.
    The advantage of online bartending school is that it is more convenient and flexible. You can attend classes at your own pace and schedule.
    Another advantage of online bartending school is that you can learn from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to go to a physical classroom, which can be intimidating for some people. So, if you’re looking for a bartending school that is convenient, flexible, and affordable, then an online bartending school could be a great option for you.

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