List of Food and their Accompaniments

One of the important activities of the food service staff is setting up the covers prior to the arrival of the guests and after taking the food order.

A cover with inappropriate cutlery will make the customers ask for the cutlery they need. This can create a bad impression of the knowledge and experience of the staff and adversely affect the restaurant’s image and business.

Every dish has its own accompaniment of food and a food item is incomplete without it.

What is Food Accompaniment?

The accompaniment may be an integral part of the dish or served separately. The waiter must have a sound knowledge of the accompaniments to help him/her serve the food correctly.

Before serving the dish, the appropriate food accompaniment must be placed on the table or served on the plate.

In general, for the meat dish which is served as the main course, the accompanying sauce, roast gravy, and other standard accompanying sauce are served after serving the meat, either on the meat or on the sides according to the preference of the guest.

However, the waiters should follow the procedures practiced in their place of work.

Types of Accompaniments for Food

1. Hors d’oeuvre variés- Oil and Vinegar.

2. Grapefruit cocktail- Caster sugar.

3. Tomato juice- Worcestershire sauce.

4. Fruit juice- Caster sugar offered if asked for.

5. Oyesters- Oyester cruet.

6. Snails- Brown bread and butter.

7. Potted shrimps- Cayenne pepper, pepper mill.

8. Ham mousse- Small knife and fork.

9. Smoked salmon- Fish knife and fork, cold half plate.

10. Caviar- Caviar knife or fish knife and cold half plate.

11. Chilled melon- Ground ginger and caster sugar.

12. Prawn cocktail- Brown bread and butter.

13. Corn on the cob- Beurre fondue.

14. Minestrone- Grated Parmesan cheese, grilled flutes.

15. Cream of tomato- Croûtons.

16. Consommé- Depending on garnish.

17. Turtle soup- Brown bread and butter.

18. Spaghetti- Grated Parmesan cheese.

19. Grilled herring- Mustard sauce.

20. Grilled mackerel- Beurre maître d’hotel.

Dipayan Mondal
Dipayan Mondal

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