Cutlery Items

Cutlery Items used in F&B Service

Cutlery Items used in Food and Beverage Service-

  1. Soupspoon:- For thick soups.
  2. Dessert spoon:- For thin soups, breakfast cereals.
  3. Service spoon and fork:- Transferring of dishes from the container onto the guest’s plate.
  4. Teaspoon:- Tea, coffee, juice served with accompaniments, fruit cocktails, sweets served in coupes, or glass bowls.
  5. Coffee spoon:- For coffee served in demitasse after lunch or dinner.
  6. Egg spoon:- Used with boiled eggs.
  7. Side knife:- Placed on the side plate for bread, toast, rolls, cheese.
  8. Fish knife and Fish fork:- For all fish dishes, hors d’oeuvre varies.
  9. Small knife and fork:- Vegetable, Savory, and meat dishes if not served as the main course.
  10. Steak knife:- For steaks.
  11. Fruit knife and fork:- For dessert.
  12. Large knife and fork:- Main course.
  13. Dessert spoon and table fork:- Spaghetti, the spoon is placed to the left and the fork to the right.
  14. Large knife and fork:- Main course.
  15. Sundae spoon:- Ice cream or any shakes with ice cream served in a tall glass.
  16. Ice cream spoon:- For ice cream served in coupes, most hotels use teaspoons in place of an ice cream spoon.

Selection Criteria for Cutlery Items-

  • Metal:- Capital available profile of the restaurant. Type of market segment cost of cleaning and maintaining.
  • Type:- Menu items, type of cover setup, style of service.
  • Quantity:- Seating capacity rate of seat turnover washing method storage facility.
  • Pattern:- Availability for replacement Décor.


This refers to all tableware other than cutlery. It includes pots, jugs, platters, butter dish, finger bowls, a wine chiller, a straw holder, and so on.

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