17 and 13 Course French Classical Menu with Examples

What is French Classical Menu

French Classical Menu consists of 13 courses. All continental dishes are grouped into 13 categories according to the main ingredients used in the preparation, method of cooking, taste, and texture, and the categories are arranged in a sequence. Each category is termed a course.

While compiling a menu, dishes must be placed according to the sequence of the course. Let us now see the nature of some French classical menus with examples.

17 Course French Classical Menu

  1. Hors d’oeuvre: Appetizer.
  2. Potage: Soup.
  3. Oeufs: Eggs.
  4. Farineux: Pasta.
  5. Poisson: Fish.
  6. Entrée: Entree.
  7. Relevé: Joint.
  8. Sorbet: Sorbet.
  9. Rôti: Roast.
  10. Légumes: Vegetables.
  11. Salade: Salad.
  12. Buffet froid: Clod buffet.
  13. Entremets: Sweets.
  14. Fromage: Cheese.
  15. Savoureux: Savoury.
  16. Dessert: Fruits and nuts.
  17. Boisson: Beverages.

13 Courses French Classical Menu

  1. Hors d’oeuvre: Appetizer.
  2. Potage: Soup.
  3. Oeufs/farineux: Eggs/pastas.
  4. Poisson: Fish.
  5. Entrée: Entree.
  6. Relevé: Joint.
  7. Sorbet: Sorbet.
  8. Rôti: Roast.
  9. Légumes: Vegetables.
  10. Entrants: Sweets.
  11. Fromage/savoreux: Cheese/savory.
  12. Dessert: Fruit.
  13. Café: Coffee.

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