types of function catering

What is Function Catering: Types of Function Catering

What is Function Catering

Function catering refers to the service of the special function for specific groups of people at an assigned time, food, beverages, and other facilities offered being predetermined. It may vary in its size and importance depending on the varieties and the number of people expected for it.

The function catering is organized according to the host’s wish, either within the premises of the hotel or outside. It includes anything from a simple snack service to a state banquet and from a small birthday party to a grand trade exhibition.

What are the Types of Function Catering

There are two different function catering types:

1. Formal Functions

In the formal functions, certain procedures such as seating the host, chief guest, guest of honor, and the invitees, serving the f&b are decided by the host.

Formal functions always include speeches at a specific time which is mostly at the end of the meal or just before the service of coffee.

The dress code for the invitees may be insisted upon. The controlled behavior of the guests prevails in the formal function catering.

2. Informal Functions

In an informal function, no formalities and procedures are followed on seating, serving, and the dress code.

Normally entertainment is the main part of these function types. One can witness the casual behavior of the guests in the informal functions. More informal functions are organized in the present day.

For example- Cocktail party, Birthday party, Club members meet, Wedding anniversaries, Alumni meets, etc.

According to the purpose, Functions can be further grouped into the following types:

  • Social functions
  • Public relations
  • Conferences
  • Fashion parades
  • TV shows
  • Workshops
  • Wedding receptions
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Beauty contests
  • Training sessions
  • Graduation days
  • Cocktail parties

Function Catering Banquet

Function catering banquet refers to the delightful programs for specific groups of people at an assigned time. It may vary in its size and importance depending on the function types and the number of people expected for it.

Outdoor Catering

Outdoor catering refers to extending catering services to a specific group outside the premises in the venue chosen by the host.

The success of ODC largely depends on efficient planning and careful attention to the details. It is important to take the following steps to ensure successful outdoor catering,

  1. A preliminary survey of the function place.
  2. Analysis of menu for identifying the requirement of cooking and service equipment.

Preliminary Survey of the Function Place: A preliminary survey of the place means visiting the place where the catering is organized to check and assess the following:

  1. The distance from the hotel or base, traveling time during the peak and the lean traffic, peak and lean traffic period, etc. will give a clear idea to the caterer the latest starting time from the base or from the venue.
  2. The availability of water, power, gas supply. Accordingly, the provisions have to be made.
  3. Shops, if any near the venue and the availability of materials in case of emergency.
  4. The size and shape of the area. Is the function place inside the building or in the open area? If it is in open, do we need to erect a temporary shed?
  5. The condition of the open area to assess if the covering of the floor with coir mat is necessary.
  6. Availability of toilet facilities. If unavailable, a temporary one should be erected which should be far away from the clean water resource.
  7. Identifying a suitable area for kitchen stores, kitchen, pot washing, food service area, entertainment area if offered, hand wash area, parking area, etc.
  8. Facilities for garbage disposal.