8 Different Types of Food and Beverage Service Equipment

A Food and Beverage service equipment list includes all pieces of equipment of furniture, cutlery, crockery, glassware, and so on used by the guests and the staff in the service area.

A wide range of foodservice equipment is available in the market to suit the requirements of various styles of service operations.

The atmosphere of the dining area from a fine dining luxury restaurant to a popular restaurant is greatly influenced by the quality of equipment used in F&B service.

It must be remembered that the efficiency, of the food service staff, depends on the equipment available to carry out the work assigned to them.

Types of Food and Beverage Service Equipment

These are the types of equipment used in f&b service in hotels:

1. Furniture

Dining room furniture is available in many shapes, sizes, materials, colors, textures, and designs. The common items of furniture found in foodservice are tables, chairs, and sideboards.

2. Restaurant Tables

While deciding on the number of tables required for food and beverage service areas and F&B utensils, points should be considered the following,

  1. Size and shape of the area available after earmarking space for wash, cash counter, waiting area, and so on.
  2. Space for gangways and sideboards.
  3. Table sizes and seating capacities.

Restaurant tables are generally divided into two sections:

a) Tabletops: They come in an assortment of sizes and shapes, of different materials such as wood, glass, stone, and so on.

The standard tabletop shapes are rectangular, square, and round. Formica or laminated tabletops that mimic the finest wood grains are also available at a more affordable cost. These tabletops are then matched to a table base.

b) Tablebases: They are the holding posts of the tables and come in a variety of designs that are selected to best match the theme and design of the dining area.

3. Restaurant Chairs

When choosing to seat for the restaurant, there is an option of a wood frame or metal frame chair.

Wood frame chairs offer a distinct style and bring out a sense of tradition and class to the establishment. Wooden restaurant chairs are also available in a wide variety of backrest styles, patterns, and shapes.

Metal chairs will typically project a more modern and sleek look than wooden chairs. Metal restaurant chairs are painted and come in a wide variety of seat covers and backrest cover options.

4. High Chairs and Booster Seats

High chairs and booster seats are a necessity in most food service establishments and restaurants for children.

High chairs are available in wood or plastic and come in a variety of finishes and colors. Booster seats come in a wide range of colors. Certain manufacturers raise the sides of booster seats for added safety.

If high chairs or booster seats are not available, a good amount of seat cushions according to the size of the chairs can be held in stock for children. These cushions can be placed on the chair and secured and the children can be seated for comfortable dining.

5. Banquet Tables

These banquet tables are used in function catering and are available in many shapes and sizes. The common ones are long and round tables. Other shapes of tables commonly used in function catering are the quarter moon, half-moon, and serpentine.

These tables should be sturdy and collapsible so that they can be stacked one over the other when not required.

6. Banquet Chairs

A lot of careful thought should be given to the selection of banquet chairs as the function host wants his/her guests to be comfortable when they are seated. The decision on either with arms or without arms depends on the situation and the host’s wish.

The chairs chosen should be stackable, comfortable, strong, and sturdy as they will be transported frequently from one place to another.

7. Sideboard

Foodservice personnel will not be able to extend quick service and work efficiently without sideboards.

It holds all the necessary cutlery, crockery, hollowware, menu cards, cheek pads, accompanying sauces, and so on, that are required during service. It is also termed a Dummy waiter.

8. Reception Desk

The reception desk is a high desk positioned at the entrance of specialty and fine dining restaurants, used by the hostess or the reception head waiter to receive guests and guide them to their tables.

A telephone and a reservation book are placed on the desk. The keys of sideboards, linen cupboards, and so on, are placed in the drawers of this desk and are collected as and when required.

Some other Foods and Beverage Service Equipments are:

  • Linen.
  • Tablecloth.
  • Napkins.
  • Slip cloth.
  • Waiter’s cloth.
  • Tray cloth.
  • Buffet cloth.
  • Stain cloth.
  • Tea cloth.
  • Crockeries.
  • Glasswares.

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