How To Get job in Cruise Lines

How To Get job in Cruise Lines

Hello Guys I am Dipayan, so today I will discuss Cruise line Jobs. Most of the students always ask me How To Get a job in Cruise Lines, Starting Salary in Cruise lines, What is the exact time to apply in the Cruise line, etc. All these types of questions.

So guy’s exact time for applying in the Cruise line is after complete your Hotel management course you join any 5-star Hotel for 2 years. After 2 years you fill-up the Cruise line forms and apply.

After that, you give an interview and if you select then you chance in Cruise lines for a job.

The starting Salary in the Cruise line is 40k to 50k per month. But it depends upon the Ships. Some Ships give you 40k and some Ships give you 80k maybe. So Salary is very good in cruise lines.

But guys One thing you have to remember is to take care of your health. If you are not fit mentally and physically, then you reject Cruise. So guys take care of your health.

This Cruise line job is a very hard work job. So mentally you can prepare yourself. By the way, Cruise jobs are very nice and if you join the cruise so your future will be very bright. And you can live a luxury lifestyle.

For more information watch my video below.

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