5 Easy Methods of Making Cocktail

Cocktails and Mocktails are mixed drinks that have become popular since the first quarter of the twentieth century and all the bars offer a list of selected cocktails and mocktails.

The word “Cocktail” was first described in an American magazine as a mixture of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters in 1806.

One of many popular notions on the birth of the word cocktail is that during the American War of Independence, in 1779, an innkeeper, Betsy Flanagan of Virginia prepared a meal of chicken she stole from a neighbor who was pro-British. She then served the French soldiers the mixed drinks decorated with the feathers from the birds.

Cocktails are made in any one of the following methods according to the type of modifier ingredients in use.

So, let’s discuss the cocktail mixing techniques.

What are the Methods of Making Cocktail

These are the different methods of preparing cocktails:

1. Building Method

It is made by pouring the ingredients one by one into the glass in which it is to be served and then stirred. Ice is added if the recipe calls for it.

For example, Highballs, Rickey, Swizzle, Hot drinks, etc are made by this building method cocktail, in which the ingredients are added one by one straight into the glass in which it is served. If ice is required, then it is placed first before adding the ingredients.

2. Stirring Method

Stirring refers to the mixing of the ingredients with ice, by stirring quickly in a mixing glass with the stirrer and then straining it into the appropriate glass.

Drinks made up of clear liquids, such as spirits, liqueurs, wines, effervescent drinks, etc are always stirred. It is done very quickly to minimize dilution.

3. Shaking Method

It is the mixing of ingredients thoroughly with ice by shaking them in a cocktail shaker and straining them into the appropriate glass.

This cocktail shaking technique is used when ingredients such as cream, egg, fruit juices, sugar syrup, etc are used in the recipe. Effervescent drinks should never be shaken.

4. Blending Method

The blending method of mixing a cocktail is used for combining fruits, solid foods, ice, etc. in an electric blender. Any drink that can be shaken may be made by blending as well.

It is a suitable method for making a large number of mixed drinks but it consumes more time. If the fruit is pureed for the drink, the ice should be added after pureeing the fruit, according to its consistency. If too much ice will be added in the beginning, the drink may be diluted.

5. Layering Method

The layering cocktail-making method is used when the ingredients used are of a different color, flavor, and sensitize. One ingredient is floated over the other by pouring gently over the back of a spoon into a small straight-sided glass.

Liqueurs, spirits, syrups, etc. are used in the preparation. Syrups are heavier. Liqueurs are lighter compared to syrups and are available in many densities.

Liqueurs have sugar content which contributes to their density. In general, the lower the proof higher the sugar content and density, and vice versa.

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