7 Different Types of Menu in Hotel

What is a menu?

A menu is a list of dishes in hotels that are available for sale in a food service outlet or that can be served at a meal. In French, “Menu” means in minute detail, and in English, it is also termed ‘Bill of Fare‘.

There are various types of menus available in the hotel industry; it depends on all the managerial and operational activities of the food and beverage operations.

Every sector of the food and beverage industry, whether operating for commercial or welfare purposes, large or small, uses a menu.

What are the Types of Menus in hotels?

These are different menu types in the hotel industry:

1. Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is the first type of meal of the day on the hotel menu list, It is served between 7 and 10 a.m. And it offers all kinds of dishes that are suitable for breakfast in a hotel.

Continental breakfast, English breakfast, American breakfast, and Indian breakfast menus are the most commonly found menus. It may be in the form of a table d’hôte and à la carte.

2. Brunch Menu

Brunch refers to heavy mid-morning snacks that combine breakfast and lunch and are consumed late in the morning between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, pastries, salads, vegetable patties, fried fish, and cold and hot beverages are offered on this menu.

3. Luncheon Menu

This lunch menu in the hotel includes dishes that are offered during lunch hours. So restaurants offer dishes that can be quickly prepared and served.

Indian restaurants serve “Thalis” of different kinds and executive lunches to speed up service and meet the demands of consumers.

4. Afternoon and High Tea Menu

It is served between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. The menu includes bread, toast, sandwiches, scones, pastries, grills, fish, salads, kachori, samosa, cutlets, ice creams, and so on, with coffee or tea.

5. Dinner Menu

The dinner menu in the hotel includes dishes that are offered during dinner hours between 7 and 11 p.m.

During dinner, guests like to spend more time with their loved ones and entertain their business associates. They expect a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience after a long day of work.

6. Super Menu

The super menu is a light evening meal type in the hotel industry, mostly taken before dinner during evening social events. It is also served late at night. The menu for supper varies according to the time of the night.

The supper menu is usually an à la carte containing hot and cold dishes that are lighter and less elaborate than those served at dinner.

7. Room Service Menu

This kind of menu contains a list of dishes available for service in guest rooms around the clock. Prices quoted for dishes on the room service menu card are always higher than prices quoted for the same dishes served in other restaurants at the hotel.

These are some other menu types in the hospitality industry:

  • Function Menu
  • Californian Menu
  • Diet Menu
  • Crew Menu
  • Happy Hour Menu
  • Specialty Menu

It is believed that the term “Menu” was first used in 1541. This year was the origin of the menu.

The size of the card gradually became smaller, which made it possible to have more copies placed on the tables. Even today, at formal banquets, every invitee gets a copy of the menu.

Dipayan Mondal
Dipayan Mondal

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