10 Factors Influencing the Character of Wine

How can you Evaluate a Good Quality Wine?

A good quality wine should have the following characteristics:

1. It should have the aroma of the grapes used in the making and should be free from unpleasant smells.

2. Be well balanced that is all components of wine should be in harmony.

3. Be clear and bright.

Here I’ll explain some factors affecting the quality of the wine.

Factors Influencing the Character of Wine

The following factors determine the quality of wine:

1. Soil

The mineral content of the soil and the groundwater determines the composition of acids and other trace minerals that influence the aroma of the wine.

2. Grape variety

Each grape variety has a distinct aroma and other features that play an important role in determining the kind of wine to be produced.

3. Climate

The climate can be a blessing or a curse for the grapes. Extremes of sunshine, hail storm, wind, frost, rain, etc. can damage the grapes.

The average yearly temperature of the place should not be below 10 degrees Celsius. The ideal average temperature is 14 degrees Celsius.

4. Latitude

Most wine-producing countries lie between 30 degrees to 50 degrees latitude. The countries near the 30-degree latitude have a higher temperature which accelerates the fermentation process, producing poor-quality wine.

5. Aspect

Vineyards on the slopes of the valley are normally preferred as the frost will roll down. The slopes facing south normally produce good quality wine due to longer exposure to sunshine compared to north-facing slopes as they do not have the same advantage.

6. Viticulture

This is most important and in every stage of viticulture plowing, pruning, weeding, spraying, harvesting, etc. happens at a particular month of the year considering the weather.

7. Vinification

It refers to the method of making wine. The wine producers have a lot of options before them at each stage of making wine.

The wine produced in the new world uses the latest technology while the traditional winemaking countries follow the old wine-making methods. Each has its own characteristics.

8. Aging

Aging determines the character of the wine. The longer the wine matured, the more mellower and smoother will be the wine, taking the flavor of vanillin from the wood.

9. Storing

Wines should be stored at an appropriate temperature and in rooms free from direct sunlight and vibration. Wines should not be subjected to extreme fluctuations in temperature. Poor storage would mar the quality of the wine.

10. Transportation

Bottles should be transported and handled carefully during transit.

Dipayan Mondal
Dipayan Mondal

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