Top 5 Best Free Online Wine Classes with Certificate 2023

What is Wine?

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is produced from the fermented juice of freshly harvested grapes. It is produced from both black and white grapes. There are many varieties of grapes produced, and not all of them are used in the production of wine.

Wines get sparkle or effervescence when the carbon dioxide gas that is given off during fermentation is absorbed by the wine. These wines are termed sparkling wines.

The character of the wine is greatly influenced by the type of grape used in the production, soil, climate, viticulture, vinification process, aging, etc.

So, these free online wine courses will help you learn the basic to advanced levels of wine in a step-by-step method. All these wine courses are really useful in the Wine Industry as well as the food and beverage industry.

You will also learn about wine and food pairings and the faults of wine. The Sommelier should be able to understand the name of the wine and be familiar with some of the terms associated with its characteristics of the wine.

5 Best Free Online Wine Classes with Certificates

List of online wine certification courses for beginners:

1. Wine Tasting: Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis

From: Coursera

Through this free online wine-tasting course, you will learn the process of tasting wine through four different modules, step by step.

At first, you’ll learn the types of wine and the different wine vocabulary. After that, you’ll learn the faults of wine. And lastly, you learn about food pairings and their seven deadly sins.

This course is very helpful for those who want to build their career in the wine industry by becoming Wine experts.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Learn how to taste wine like a pro.
  • Learn about different styles of wine.
  • Know about Wine flavors and aromas.
  • Learn about Wine faults.
  • Learn about wine and food pairings.
  • Learn how to open wine bottles.

Course Enrollment: Free

Certificate of completion: Yes

Course Duration: Approx. 15 hours

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2. All About Wine Making and Tasting

From: Skillshare

Through this online Winemaking course, you will learn the wine-making process step by step with principles and basic knowledge of wine.

This online Oenology course will offer lessons on how to serve different types of wine at their perfect temperature, which is very helpful to grow in the wine industry as well as the food and beverage industry.

And also learn about the perfect aroma, flavor, and taste of every type of wine.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Learn the basics of wine.
  • Learn wine language, which is helpful in the wine industry.
  • Different types of wine-making techniques
  • Different styles of wine
  • How to serve wine perfectly.
  • Wine temperatures.
  • Wine-making principles.
  • How to open wine bottles correctly.

Certificate of completion: Yes

Course Duration: 1 hour, 7 minutes

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3. Masterclass with James Suckling Teaches Wine Appreciation

From: Masterclass

This is the best beginner-friendly online wine course, based on the wine manufacturing process and storage of wine.

This course will introduce you to the anatomy of a grape, the grape varieties, the fermentation process, and the classifications of the end product.

Through this online wine appreciation course, you will learn the structure of wine and the correct vocabulary used in the wine industry.

And also learn about the raw materials for wine and how to use each and every raw product. Lastly, you learn the fundamentals, terminology, and characteristics of wine production.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Learn Wine production fundamentals.
  • Wine vocabulary is used in the wine industry.
  • Learn how to store wine.
  • Learn about different varieties of grapes.
  • Learn to serve wine at the correct temperature.
  • Learn how to use a wine opener.

Course Duration: 2 hours, 22 minutes

Certificate of completion: Yes

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4. Wine Service: Professional Skills in Hospitality

From: Udemy

Perfect wine service is a very important and demandable skill for any Wine server or sommelier.

If you want to see yourself as a successful or professional Wine server, then this online free sommelier course will be really helpful for you.

In this course, you’ll learn wine knowledge as well as wine service skills step by step. This course is taught by famous wine trainer Carlos Batista. He is here to teach you every aspect of wine serving.

Through this online wine serving course, you can master the process of proper wine serving and storing at the ideal temperature, the perfect method of wine tasting, and the polishing and holding of wine glasses.

This is the best online wine course for bartenders. This course is perfectly suitable for those who want to become successful wine servers or sommeliers, and who want to see themselves as successful bartenders, celebrity bartenders, or Mixologists.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • How to open any type of wine bottle and serve it perfectly.
  • How to hold a wine glass perfectly, or the right way.
  • How to wipe a wine glass
  • How to decant wine.
  • How to taste wine
  • The ideal temperatures for wine

Course Duration: 1.5 hours

Certificate of completion: Yes

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5. Get Wine-Smart

From: Udemy

Through this online wine knowledge course, you’ll learn from wine expert and best-selling author John Boyer in his demo class about the primary passion of wine.

From this short-term wine certification online training, you can learn the essentials of tasting, selecting, and shopping for wine and the recommended bottles for every palette and price. You also learn about the fundamentals of Sparkling wine, White wine, and Red wine.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Step-by-step process of winemaking
  • How to hold a wine glass.
  • How to wipe or polish a wine glass
  • You will learn about the wine bodies.
  • Faults of wine.
  • Wine pairing with foods
  • How to taste and smell wine like an expert
  • How to open wine bottles in front of guests.
  • You will learn the wine laws.

Course Duration: 6.5 hours

Certificate of completion: Yes

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you become a Winemaker without a degree?

Yes, you could become a Winemaker without a degree. But I suggest you complete a Wine certification, maybe online or offline. Because Winemaking is totally science, art, and skill. So without proper training, you can’t do that.

Is Winemaking a good career?

Yes, definitely. Winemaking is really a good career if you want to enter it. Because if you can become an expert winemaker, you could make a lot of money from that skill, and the scope is endless.

How much does a Winemaker earn a year?

A Winemaker can make $373,754 per year. But it depends on experience, knowledge, and skills. If you have good skills, knowledge, and experience, then you can also make lots of money from this single skill.

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