10 Different Types of Wine and their Regions

What is a Wine?

Wine is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermented juice of freshly harvested grapes. The color, flavor, and aroma of the wines are largely influenced by the type of grapes which are used in the production process. Wines are prepared from both white and black grapes.

What are the Types of Wine

Here is the list of various wine types:

1. Red Wine

red wine bottle and glass

Red wine is produced by being fermented in contact with grape skins from which the wine gets its color. Normally dry wines.

2. Rose Wine

rose wine glass

Rose wine can be made in three ways black grapes are fermented on the skins for up to 48 hours, mixed red and white wine are together, or pressing grapes are so that some color is extracted. Rose wine may be dry or semi-sweet. Rosé wines are called blush wines in the USA when made wholly from red grapes.

3. Blush Wine

Blush wine glass

Blush wine is the new style of rosé wine developed in California, USA. Skins of black grapes are allowed to macerate with the must for a very short period which produces a very light pink-colored wine.

4. Still Wine

bottle of still wine

Still wine is a kind of wine obtained by the natural fermentation process without adding anything else. The alcoholic content is 10 to 14 percent abv. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular still wines.

5. Dry Wine

10 Different Types of Wine and their Regions

Dry wine is produced when all the sugar is converted to alcohol.

6. Sweet Wine

sweet wine bottle

Sweet wine is obtained when there is some sugar left after fermentation, stopped naturally or intentionally by the manufacturer.

7. Sparkling Wine

10 Different Types of Wine and their Regions

Sparkling wines are available in France, Spain, Itali (Prosecco), Germany (Sekt), and many other countries.

The most famous sparkling wine is Champagne, which is made in an area of north-eastern France. It is created by the secondary fermentation in the bottle. Effervescent wines made outside this area are called Vins Mousseux.

8. Fortified Wine

fortified wine bottle

The alcoholic strength of the fortified wine is increased with the addition of brandy either during or at the end of the fermentation. The alcoholic strength of fortified wines ranges from 16 to 22 percent abv. This type of wine is also termed heavy wine.

For example- Sherry, Port, Madeira, and Marsala.

9. Aromatized Wine

automatized wine bottle

Aromatized wines are fortified and aromatized with herbs, bark, spices, roots, etc. The alcoholic content of this wine is 14 to 20 percent abv. Vermouth is a good example of the most popular aromatized wine.

10. Tonic Wine

Tonic wine bottle

This wine has health improvements added to it.

Different Wine Regions

Itali, the USA, Portugal, Argentina, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Wine Regions of Italy

Veneto, Tuscany, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Umbria, Trentino Alto.

Wine Regions of the USA

California, Washington, New York State, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Wine Regions of Portugal

Vinho Verde, Porto, and the Douro, Interior, Lisboa, Tejo, Algarve, Madeira.

Wine Regions of Australia

Yarra Valley, Victoria, Hunter Valley, South Wales, Western Australia, Coonawarra, and South Australia.

Wine Regions of France

Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Jura, Languedoc.

  • Pinot noir has the highest antioxidant and it is the Healthiest Red Wine.
  • California is the biggest producer of Wine in the States producing around 90% of the Country’s total output.

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