What are Different Types of Glasses in F&B Service

Types of Glasses and their Sizes in F&B Service

List of glasses with sizes that are used in F&B service:

  • Beer glass: 10 to 12 OZ
  • Brandy balloon or Brandy snifter: 8 to 10 OZ
  • Champagne glass: 6 to 8 OZ
  • Cocktail glass: 4 OZ
  • Collins glass: 10 to 12 OZ
  • Cooler glass: 15 to 16 OZ
  • Cordial Glass: 1 OZ
  • Highball glass: 8 to 10 OZ
  • Margarita glass: 5 to 6 OZ
  • Old fashioned glass: 7 OZ
  • Rocks glass: 5 to 7 OZ
  • Sherry glass: 3 OZ
  • Sour glass: 4 OZ
  • Wine glass: 8 to 9 OZ
  • Liqueur glass: 25 ml.

These are some types of glasses and their sizes which I have shared, I hope you got some knowledge from this.

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