Selection criteria of Guéridon dishes

Selection Criteria of Gueridon Dishes

Food and Beverages are served to guests in many ways in food service areas. Guéridon service is one of the methods of serving food.

It refers to a mobile service table or trolley, from which a dish may be dressed, prepared, carved, and flambéed in the dining restaurants where the à la carte menu is offered and the average spending power is higher.

It is essentially the work of wait staff, who possesses a high level of culinary and service skills. Guéridon service can be understood better by recalling on-the-spot cooking which is arranged during buffet service.

Egg, paratha, and dosa counters are often set up with burners, necessary cooking and presentation equipment, ingredients, etc.

The carvery section also carries out carving meat, poultry, and game using appropriate tools in the presence of guests.

In the guéridon service, the trolley or side table is set up near the guest’s table and the work is carried out exclusively for a party of guests seated at that table, and the dishes are chosen by guests from the à la carte menu.

What are the Selection Criteria of Gueridon Dishes

Restaurant offering guéridon service has an exclusive list of dishes that are served from the trolley.

These dishes are developed to suit the client profile of the restaurant. The recipes used at the guéridon may vary from one establishment to another, but the basic ingredients of classic recipes are retained to ensure that they are easily identifiable to the guests.

One can think of serving any dish from the guéridon that involves a minimum of handling and preparation time and at the same time, involving some amount of technique to display to the guests and to impress them.

Looking at the techniques and skills involved in the making of dishes, the dinners must feel that the price they pay for the dish is worth the money.

The management must train the staff to prepare the chosen dishes and standardize the procedures to ensure consistency in the products and services.

The following should be standardized for each dish offered by the trolley:

  • Cover and accompaniments.
  • The list of equipment required on the trolley.
  • The list of raw ingredients required on the trolley.
  • The list of cooked items to be collected from the kitchen.
  • List of liqueurs/spirits required.
  • Method of preparation on the trolley.
  • Cooking time.
  • Method of flambéing.
  • Plating and presentation.
  • Coordination from the other staff.

The person handling the gueridon is generally an experienced person and his/her success depends on the very good support from the kitchen staff and his/her colleagues.

Guéridon service is a result of the coordinated efforts of service and kitchen staff. When food is prepared over the trolley by a senior waiter, his/her assistant may fetch warm plates at the appropriate time from the plate warmer and place them on the trolley.

If two lamp trolleys are being used, one lamp may be used for keeping the food warm. The trolley waiter, after the completion of cooking, will plate the cooked food on the trolley and his/her assistant will place it to the guest.

Guéridon service creates a lot of expectations and curiosity in the minds of diners. The ingredients required for cooking and flambéing should be kept in glass containers to make it appealing to the eye.

Its presentation itself should make the guest curious about the action at the guéridon. It should be kept in mind that while working at the guéridon, the food is being handled in the presence of the guests and every guest at the table is watching how their dish is being handled and prepared.

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