Top 5 Best Gluten-Free Cooking Classes Online 2023

Do you want to learn more about gluten-free cooking so that you can make delicious dishes for yourself and your loved ones?

So, in this article, we’ll expose you to the top online courses for gluten-free cooking.

A handy and accessible option to learn from seasoned chefs and culinary professionals is through online cooking lessons.

No matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional chef, these cooking lessons can provide you with the information and skills necessary to create desirable gluten-free foods that everyone will enjoy.

So, let’s get started.

What is Gluten-Free Cooking?

“Gluten-free cooking” is a method of making foods and recipes without gluten. Gluten is a protein that can be found in wheat, barley, and rye. This cooking includes combining gluten-free flour (such as rice, almond, or tapioca flour) with flour made from wheat in recipes.

Gluten-free cooking requires careful label reading and awareness of hidden sources of gluten in processed foods.

With the help of this cooking method, people with dietary limitations related to gluten may eat a range of delicious and nutritious dishes while maintaining their health and well-being.

5 Best Gluten-Free Online Cooking Classes for Beginners

List of virtual gluten-free cooking courses:

1. Vegan Baking 101: Gluten-Free Desserts for a Healthy Life

From: Skillshare

In this vegan, gluten-free baking class, you can learn techniques and concepts to prepare desserts in a healthier way.

This course can teach you the details of making healthy desserts at home, including the essential techniques and ingredients used to make the desserts healthy.

Also, in this course, you can learn all the gluten-free baking recipes from scratch.

This online class is suitable for complete beginners to professional bakers looking to take their skills to the next level.

Also, it is best for students who are just starting their baking career and want to improve their pastry and baking skills quickly.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Know the ingredients used in vegan baking.
  • Learn about the role of eggs in baking and egg substitutes.
  • You can learn how to make vegan meringue.
  • Learn how to make chocolate chip cookies.
  • Learn how to make a Banana and omelet Muffin.
  • I will learn how to make a salted caramel chocolate tart.

Course duration: 1.5 hours

Certificate of completion: Yes

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2. The Gluten-Free Sourdough Masterclass

From: Udemy

Want to learn about gluten-free cooking lessons? And interested in enhancing your baking knowledge?

Then here’s the gluten-free sourdough bread-making course from Udemy.

It will teach you to bake more beautiful, authentic, artisan bread with gluten-free sourdough. Also, the recipes in this course are awesome; you will really love them.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Learn how to bake naturally gluten-free sourdough bread, brioche, focaccia, doughnuts, and crackers.
  • Learn the four basics of gluten-free bread baking. Like Rise, Bind, Balance, and Blend methods.
  • Learn the secrets of gluten-free sourdough recipe development.
  • Learn the fundamentals of fermentation, wild yeasts, and friendly bacteria.

Course duration: 2 hours

Certificate of completion: Yes

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3. Going Gluten-Free: Mastering a Versatile, Delicious Cake for All Diets

From: Skillshare

This is another awesome gluten-free cake-baking course where MC Kenna is the instructor and a professional baker.

You can join this 30-minute class on baking to prepare the perfect cake with substitutions to fit any diet.

Here you can learn about each and every ingredient and its secret tips and tricks to make a well-baked and delicious cake.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to customize the cake recipes, which means you can make your cakes in any style you want.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Learn about cake icing and how to finish your cake.
  • Will learn about the dry ingredients.
  • Learn about mixing and baking methods.
  • Learn to create your own customized cake recipes.

Course duration: Approx. 29 minutes

Certificate of completion: Yes

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4. Gluten-Free Vegan Omelets & Scrambled Eggs

From: Skillshare

This course is taught by Chef Luisa Dias. She is very happy to share her intense practice with all her passion, dedication, and creativity through this cooking class.

Through this course first, you’ll learn to make two vegan preparations Vegan Omelets and Vegan Scrambled Eggs, and both recipes will be gluten-free.

And at the end of this course, you will learn to customize each recipe to your own style.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Learn how to make vegan omelets.
  • Learn how to make vegan scrambled eggs.

Course duration: Only 11 minutes

Certificate of completion: Yes

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5. Gluten-Free Italian Classics: Pasta, Pizza & More

From: Craftsy

Looking to satisfy your gluten-free cravings with the taste of Italy? Check out this amazing gluten-free pasta-making class on Craftsy.

Here, you’ll find different techniques for making ravioli, fettuccine, and other pasta shapes.

Additionally, it covers essential techniques for baking gluten-free pizza with a crispy crust just like the regular one.

You’ll be able to experiment with different toppings, like the Classic Margherita, or get creative with Gourmet combinations.

So, Craftsy’s gluten-free pasta and pizza-making class is a must-try if you want to recreate the authentic flavors of Italy without gluten.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Learn the art of making gluten-free pasta from scratch.
  • Learn techniques for creating a crispy gluten-free pizza crust.
  • Learn how to prepare classic Italian risotto with a gluten-free twist.
  • Will know the secrets behind crafting delicious gluten-free gnocchi.
  • Know the recipes and methods for creating delectable gluten-free Italian desserts like tiramisu.

Course duration: 2 hours

Certificate of completion: Yes

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What common foods are gluten-free?

There are many foods that are naturally gluten-free, including all vegetables, fruits, legumes, dairy products such as cheese, butter and milk, fish, fresh meat, etc.

What snacks can I eat gluten-free?

There are many gluten-free snacks available that you can eat. Such as Potato chips, Chocolates, Tacos, Cookies, Popcorn, Granola, etc.

What bread is naturally gluten-free?

Naturally gluten-free bread options include Rice bread and Cornbread, which are commonly used as delicious alternatives for gluten-free diets.

What are 10 gluten-free foods?

The names of 10 gluten-free foods are Buckwheat, Rice, Millet, Barley, Egg, Polenta, Cream, Milk, Fish, and Natural Yogurt.

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