Gueridon Service Equipment

5 Different Gueridon Service Equipment used in Trolley

Food and beverages are served to guests in many ways in food service areas. Gueridon service is one of the methods of serving food, which is referred to as a mobile service table or trolley, from which a dish may be dressed, prepared, carved, and flambéd in the presence of guests near their table.

The gueridon service equipment required on a trolley depends on the types of trolleys being used.

This type of service is implemented in fine dining restaurants where the à la carte menu is offered and the average spending power is higher. It is essentially the work of wait staff, who possesses a high level of culinary and service skills.

Gueridon service can be understood better by recalling on-the-spot cooking which is arranged during buffet service.

In the gueridon service, the trolley or side table is set up near the guest’s table and the work is carried out exclusively for a party of guests seated at the table, and the dishes are chosen by guests from the à la carte menu.

Gueridon Service Equipments

These are the special equipment used in gueridon service:

1. Flare Lamp

This piece of equipment is operated with methylated spirit and has a reservoir for fuel, a wick with an adjustment knob, a chimney, and a grid. It is 8 to 10 inches high with a grid of diameter 6 to 8 inches.

The reservoir should be filled with methylated spirit to the correct level and the wick should be trimmed regularly to prevent fumes emerging and spoiling the aroma of the food.

Equipment made of silver or copper look attractive on the trolley but they are expensive. The flare lamp is used for food preparation, carving, and flambéing.

2. Gas Stove

Many establishments prefer a gas stove over a flaring lamp as it has an advantage over a flaring lamp. Trimming of wicks and filling up the reservoir with fuel is not necessary for a trolley having a gas stove.

The gas burner is lowered to the level of the trolley’s top and the gas cylinder or bottle is placed under the gas burner in a chamber and connected to the stove.

The gas head should be cleaned periodically with a pin to ensure the free flow of gas and should be free from soot. This is incorporated in carving, preparation, and flambe trolley.

3. Chafing Dish

It is a container holding hot water on which food container is kept to retain the temperature of the food. It is also used in carving trolleys.

The Carving board is placed over the hot container and the meat is carved on it. This process retains the temperature of the food being carved.

4. Suzette Pan

It is a sauté pan with a thick bottom and a lip. It is normally made of copper lined with corrosion-resistant, non-reactive metal, such as tin, nickel, and stainless steel.

It is used for flambéing and cooking. It is advisable to use separate pans for flambéing and cooking.

5. Carving Board

Carving of meat and poultry should be carried out on a carving board and for each category of meat and poultry, a separate carving board should be used. After use, it should be thoroughly washed.

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