hotel general manager salary

Hotel General Manager Salary in India

Of course, to become a General manager of any 5-star hotel is not a so easy job. Always this designation is very responsible. That’s why a hotel general manager’s salary is very high as compared to other’s salaries in a hotel. A general manager is always responsible for the entire hotel.

Those who are interested to join the hotel industry and become general managers, so really this is possible.

If you want to become a G.M (General Manager) in any branded luxury hotel, so at first you have to complete your hotel management course at a renowned college.

After that join the hotel industry and always do hard work as well as smart work so definitely you crack this position after 10 to 12 years of time. Yes, it takes time.

I know very well you have one question in your mind, which is – what is the exact salary of the general manager of a 5-star hotel in India?

So today I disclose the hotel general manager’s salary and the facilities provided by the hotel.

How much Hotel General Manager Salary is in India?

In India, the General Manager’s salary is a minimum of 5-7 lakhs per month, but it depends on the type of hotels or brands. Some hotels provide an average of 5 lakhs rupees per month or maybe some hotel provides 6 or 7 lakhs rupees per month in India. And out of India, the amount is higher.

Facilities of a Hotel General Manager

  • Always provide a luxury house by the hotel to any 5-star hotel’s general manager.
  • Always provide medical facilities.
  • Every general manager of a 5-star hotel gets his/her own personal luxury car from the hotel where he/she working.
  • 5-star hotels always provide entertainment facilities, which means GM can entertain with his or her own family members. So basically a general manager is the boss in the hotel.

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