What is Mise-En-Place for Gueridon Service

In many establishments where guéridon service is carried out, the basic layout is standardized. This is to ensure that the required standards of service are met and that safety is a prime consideration of all the service staff.

There are many designs of gueridon available on the market today. The carvery section also carries out the carving of meat, poultry, and game using appropriate tools in the presence of guests.

Mise En Place for Gueridon Service

The term gueridon is a movable service table or trolley from which food may be served. The gueridon is a movable sideboard or service station carrying sufficient equipment for the service requirements, together with any spare equipment that may be necessary.

It indicates serving foods onto the customer’s plates, but may also refer to other enhanced service techniques such as service using a drinks trolley. In many cases where guéridon service is carried out, the layout is standard.

Mise-En-Place for Gueridon service includes the following:

  • The equipment on the trolley.
  • Ingredients for the preparation.
  • Plates or bowls in which the dish is portioned for the guests.

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