What is Bitter and Its Brand Names

What is Bitter?

Bitters are spirits flavored with herbs, bark, roots, spices, and fruits. All the bitters are bitter in taste, thus making them perfect for an aperitif. There are two types of bitters Flavored bitter and Beverage bitter.

Beverage bitters are drunk neat or with ice, water, soda, or tonic water. Among the beverage bitters “Campari” is the best. There are many bitters available in the market.

Some Brand Names of Bitter

Following are some brands of bitters that can be served as aperitifs:

  • Amer Picon.
  • Campari.
  • Fernet Branca.
  • Cynar.
  • Jagermeister.
  • Underberg.
  • Angostura bitters.
  • Suza.
  • Becherovka.
  • Gammel Dansk.
  • Orange bitters.
  • Peach bitters.

Automatized wines are fortified and flavored with roots, barks, and spices that are available in dry and sweet styles, whereas bitters are flavored spirits having the taste of bitterness.

Vermouth is very popular among automatized wines. Almost all automatized wines have quinine as one of the flavoring ingredients.

Automatized wines and bitters are served as aperitifs and used in the preparation of cocktails. Each manufacturer keeps the recipe confidential and introduces a range of products to stay in this highly competitive market.

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