How to Taste Wine for Beginners: Wine Tasting Steps

Wine is an alcoholic beverage with a high alcoholic content, usually between 10 and 14 percent. Wine is obtained from fermented grape juice. Wines are divided into various types according to their color, taste, and content. These wines are termed sparkling wines.

What are the Steps to Wine tasting?

Here’s a list of wine-tasting steps:

1. Pour the wine and observe its clarity and color by holding it against the light.

2. Swirl the glass and observe how the wine slides down to evaluate the viscosity of the wine.

3. Swirl and nose the wine to evaluate its aroma and bouquet.

4. Swirl and taste the wine to evaluate its taste and check if the wine is balanced or acidic.

5. Feel the body of the wine.

What is the Process of Wine Tasting?

Wine tasting is the process of evaluating wine. It includes the assessment of color, taste, aroma, and finish.

It is done by the following people for the reasons mentioned in different environments:

1. Professionals employed by the wineries to take corrective measures during aging and blending to ensure the consistency of the product sold.

2. Wine merchants before making purchase decisions.

3. Sommeliers in the restaurants before serving the wines to the guests.

4. Sommeliers are responsible for the service of wines in food and beverage operations.

5. Ensure the wine is not faulty and is in acceptable condition.

6. Always describe the wine to the customers.

7. Understand the nature of complaints given by the host after tasting the wine and know the reasons for them.

8. Ensure the wine is at the right temperature.

9. During service operations, a sommelier may taste the wine in the restaurant itself.

10. An absolutely clean and clear wine glass of 10 to 12 oz. capacity that is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top.

11. An evaluation sheet is necessary when the number of wines is evaluated.

12. Spittoon is used in wine-tasting events when a number of wines are tasted.

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