Most Popular Types of Beer & their Brands Names

Throughout history, wherever cereal grains were grown, people prepared fermented drinks from them.

People used Wheat in Mesopotamia, Barley in Egypt, Millet and Sorghum in other parts of Africa, Rice in Asia, and corn in the USA to make fermented drinks. Today beer making is a major industry worldwide.

How many Types of Beer are Available

Mainly two kinds of Beers are available:

1. Ales

Barley wine: It is a dark fruity beer with high alcoholic content which ranges from 6 to 11 percent by volume.

Bitter: It is copper color draught ale with a predominant hop flavor which results in a bitter taste.

Brown: It is a dark brown sweet beer, low in alcohol.

Stout: A very dark beer made with a high proportion of malt and hops. The world’s most famous stout is Guinness.

Scotch ale: It is a very strong, often extremely dark, malt-accented beer from Scotland.

Porter: Since this ale is popular amongst the porters of Dublin and London, it is called Porter. It is brewed from charred malt which contributes a bitter taste and dark color.

Indian pale ale: It has higher alcoholic strength with a more happy flavor.

Burton: A strong, dark, draught beer mulled or spices. It is popular during the winter.

2. Lagers

Bock: It is a strong beer from Germany. In the USA it is darker and sweeter. Belgian bock is less alcoholic.

Doppelbock: It is an extra-strong beer from Germany.

Dortmunder: It is a blonde beer with a lightly hopped flavor.

Munchener: It is a dark brown malty beer with an alcoholic content of around 5 percent.

Pilsner: It is a pale gold beer, that originated in Pilsen, Czech Republic. It is the most imitated of all beer styles.

Other Beer Types and Their Characteristics

1. Sour Beer

  • Deposits of yeast in the pipes and dispensing equipment.
  • Add stale beer to a fresh cask of beer.
  • Not exhausting the beer on time.
  • Exposing the beer to heavy fluctuations of temperature.
  • Exposed to heavy lighting.

2. Cloudy Beer

  • Stored in low temperature.
  • Uncleaned or poorly cleaned pipes.
  • Trying to pull the beer from the cask before removing the spile.

3. Flat Beer

  • Poor or faulty spile control – having a soft pile when a hard spile is needed.
  • Too low a temperature.
  • Served in a greasy glass.
  • Poured and left in the glass for a long time.

Popular Brand Names of Beer

1. Corona– Mexico.

2. Goldstar– Israel.

3. Amstel– Netherlands.

4. Heineken– Netherlands.

5. Fosters– Australia.

6. Tiger beer– Singapore.

7. Carlsberg– Denmark.

8. Albani– Denmark.

9. Tuborg– Denmark.

10. Dortmunder– Germany.

11. Achel– Belgium.

12. Koningshoenen– Netherlands.

13. Mariawald– Germany.

14. Hogarden– Belgium.

The History of Beer

Brewing beer is believed to be over 10000 years old. Ancient Egyptians brewed beer about 6000 years ago and many civilizations brewed beer from various bowls of cereal.

Early beer makers used a very simplistic brewing process and fermented beer for only a brief period one to one day at the most. For centuries brewers heated grain over open fires, resulting in dark, smoky malt that produced dark beer with a strong flavor.

The first beer brewed with hops in the brewing process in the fifteenth century gave a unique bitter taste to the beer and also protected beer from going sour. The introduction of compressed gas refrigeration in the late nineteenth century made the fermenting of beer possible at any time in any seasonal climate.

Beer is a brewed and fermented drink prepared from malted cereals, especially barley. In the brewing process, the malt is extracted from the cereal by infusing it in the hot water which results in the product called Wort, and the hops are added to the hot wort to obtain flavor and bitter taste. It is then cooled and fermented with the addition of yeast.

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