Top 5 Free Online Italian Cooking Classes in 2023

What is Italian Cooking?

Italian cooking is very simple and healthy with fewer ingredients. The key ingredient of Italian cooking is olive oil without it, Italian dishes are can’t be tasty.

Other main ingredients of Italian dishes are Tomato, Cheese, Basil, Wine, Mushrooms, and Pasta. And some names of the best Italian foods are Pizza, Spaghetti, Tellini, Agnolotti, Risotto, Polenta, etc.

5 Best Free Online Italian Cooking Classes for Beginners

List of best free Italian cooking courses online:

1. Italian Classics Made Easy: Perfect Pasta al Pomodoro

From: SkillShare

If you want to upgrade your cooking skills and want to learn Italian cooking step by step, then this virtual Italian cooking class is perfect for you. This online training class for Italian cooking is taught by Italian chef Nicoletta Grippo.

From the course, you will learn to make quick and light dishes that are made with fresh tomatoes, basil, and olive oil that are perfect for all occasions.

Also, learn to make different types of Pasta at your home quickly with a very simple and easy process, and will learn to cook to that perfect ‘Al Dente’ bite.

You’ll also learn to garnish different types of Italian dishes and learn to make a famous Italian dish like Bucatini al Pomodoro (hollow spaghetti with tomato sauce).

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn how to make quick light dishes for any occasion.
  • Learn to cook the perfect ‘Al Dente‘ bite and Bucatini al Pomodoro.
  • Learn to make different Pasta at home in the quickest and most simple process.
  • You’ll know why dried pasta is just as good as fresh pasta.

Certificate of completion: Yes

Course Duration: 26 minutes

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2. Italian Cooking Class from Confetti

From: Confetti

This is also a zoom live online Italian cooking class. You can attend this entire course from your home by using a laptop, computer, or smartphone.

This online course will teach you classic Italian-American homemade recipes from basic to advanced levels step by step. And after you book your online cooking class, you’ll receive an email with a copy of the recipes.

During the live classes, you can ask questions regarding cooking to the instructor. This course will also teach you about the best Italian food recipes, which are popular in Italy.

After completing the live cooking lessons you will receive the diploma of Italian cooking certification within 24 hours.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn to cook famous Italian recipes in your kitchen.
  • Learn Italian cooking from a basic to an advanced level.
  • You can learn to make different types of Pasta and Sauce.
  • Learn about fresh Italian cooking ingredients.
  • You’ll learn about new techniques for Italian cooking.
  • Learn the garnishing or plating techniques.

Course Duration: 60-90 minutes

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3. Cooking Italian for Beginners

From: Udemy

Through this online Italian cookery course for beginners, you will learn to cook authentic, traditional Italian recipes which are very popular in Italy.

You’ll learn Italian cooking from basic to advance level. Here you’ll get all written recipes that you can download in MS Word or PDF format.

Which will help you to learn how to find the best and right ingredients for Italian cooking. Also, you’ll learn to make some famous Italian recipes like Antipasto platters, Ravioli, Pizza, Pesto, etc.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn to cook authentic Italian recipes in your own kitchen.
  • Learn about Italian recipes from basic to advanced levels.
  • Learn to cook Italian dishes like ravioli, pizza, and pesto from scratch.
  • You’ll be able to confidently experiment and create your own Italian dishes.

Certificate of completion: Yes

Course Duration: 1.5 hours

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4. Make Fresh Pasta the Real Italian Way

From: SkillShare

This one is another online Italian cooking course from Skillshare. And through this pasta-making class online, you’ll learn how to make fresh pasta at home.

This course is taught by famous Italian chef Nicoletta Grippo. It is basically about the ins and outs of preparing pasta to perfection.

Through this course, you’ll understand the difference between fresh vs dry pasta. And learn to make two kinds of fresh pasta dough like egg and flour/water. And also learn to make pesto sauce.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • You can learn to make fresh pasta at home.
  • Know the difference between fresh pasta and dry pasta.
  • You’ll learn how to make pasta from scratch.
  • Learn about, how to plate or garnish pasta dishes.
  • You’ll also learn how to make Pesto sauce.

Certificate of completion: Yes

Course Duration: 1 hour 6 minutes

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5. Italian Chef Secrets: How to Make Perfect Thin Crust Pizza

From: SkillShare

If you’re looking to learn how to make authentic, thin-crust pizza like a pro, then this Skillshare course is a must-have! It is taught by an experienced Italian chef with over 30 years in the industry.

Through it, you’ll learn the importance of using the right type of flour and the proper hydration level for the dough, as well as how to properly stretch and shape it for a thin crust.

Plus, you’ll learn baking techniques and how to cook the pizza to achieve a crispy, evenly cooked crust. With this course, you’ll have all the skills and knowledge you need to make delicious thin-crust pizza at home.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn the techniques to make handmade thin-crust pizza.
  • Learn to cook authentic and traditional Italian cuisine from home.
  • Learn about tools that are very helpful for Italian food cooking.

Course Duration: 52 minutes

Certificate of completion: Yes

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I learn Italian Cooking?

If you want to learn Italian cooking, then first you should go for a cooking class, it may be at any offline institution or an online course.
When you join an Italian cooking class, you’ll learn from experts and you can learn almost everything about Italian cooking step by step. If you are not interested to join offline classes, then don’t worry you can also join online classes to learn Italian food cooking.

How do I become a good Italian Cook?

If you want to become an Italian cook, then your first step should be to join an Italian cooking class, offline or maybe online. From there, you’ll gain knowledge about Italian cooking. And you’ll understand the ins and outs of Italian cooking.
Here I want to suggest you go for a job after your basic learnings in any Italian kitchen. Because if you work in an Italian kitchen, you will learn new and different styles of Italian cooking practically.
And if you really want to become a successful Italian cook then start reading cookbooks. If you read cookbooks, you’ll learn about different types of cooking tools, techniques, and ingredients.

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