Top 5 Best Mixology Courses Online with Certificate 2023

What is Mixology?

Mixology can be defined as the study or skill of inventing, preparing, and serving mixed drinks, or cocktails. Basically, Mixology is an advanced level of bartending skills where you learn to mix different types of ingredients and drinks to create amazing cocktails.

What are the Types of Mixology?

  1. Building
  2. Stirring
  3. Shaking
  4. Blending
  5. Layering

How to Become a Certified Mixologist?

If you want to become a Mixologist, then first you need to complete a Hotel management course or you can join any Bartending institute to complete a degree or diploma course. As the best alternative, you can also enroll in these online bartending and mixology courses.

After completing your course, I recommend you to go for a job in a bar or maybe a 5-star hotel bar. By doing a job as a Sommelier or Bartender you can build your experience and knowledge. Not only that but during your job, you can also enhance your knowledge through different types of online courses.

After all these steps, when you built up your technical skills, gain core knowledge, and become a pro-level of Bartender then you apply for Mixologist.

So, this was the roadmap to becoming a great Mixologist. And here we list some amazing online Mixology courses with certificates, which will help you to become a certified Mixologist in a very short period of time.

5 Best Mixology Courses Online to Become a Mixologist

List of best online mixologist certification classes:

1. Intro to Mixology: Up your Cocktail Game in 30 minutes

From: SkillShare

This free virtual mixologist training course is designed especially for the home enthusiast, who wants to level up their game quickly with minimum investment.

Through this professional mixology course, you’ll get knowledge about new tools and techniques and also learn how to set up your space at home, juice, syrup, ice, garnishes, and basic technique.

You’ll also learn to garnish any type of cocktail and mocktails and learn how to create your own custom cocktail incorporating your favorite fruit or herbs. With basic to advanced level skills of Bartending.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • You will learn about new tools and techniques.
  • Learn how to set up your space at home, juice, syrup, and ice.
  • Learn how to garnish any type of cocktail and mocktail.
  • Learn basic to advance levels of bartending skills.
  • Learn about how to create your own custom cocktails.

Course Duration: 36 minutes

Enroll in this Course>> [Most Recommended]

2. Mix World-Class Cocktails: Secrets of a Champion Mixologist

From: Udemy

This online cocktail-making course is great to build your future in the bar or beverage industry.

In this course, you will learn about the 5 steps of making any drink and also learn how to make cocktails from zero level of experience. You’ll also learn the secret hacks and protips to navigate any type of bar and mix cocktails with style.

Through this course, you’ll learn 5 Star cocktail-making techniques and 9 garnishing techniques by which you can surprise your friends and family members.

So, I really suggest this amazing course which is very helpful for casual drinkers or especially to become a certified Mixologist.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Creative mixology, flavor pairing & how to create cocktails from scratch.
  • Secret hacks & pro tips to navigate any bar & mix cocktails with style.
  • Easily mix up show-stopping cocktails using everyday ingredients.
  • Mind-blowing party tricks & 5-star cocktails to share with friends & family.
  • All you need for a perfect home bar setup & the skills to make party classics on-demand.

Course Duration: 2.5 hours

Certificate of completion: Yes

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3. Mixology 101: Bartending Made Easy

From: Skillshare

This online bartender mixology course will teach you the principles of Mixology to become a world-class Mixologist.

In this online course, you will learn to make all kinds of drinks with any type of ingredients. From the simple Mojito to a smash and culminating in being able to make your own drinks.

You also learn each and every simple technique to create an amazing special Cocktail, which will help you to get a job as a Cocktail bartender or prepare cocktails at home.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn to become a Cocktail bartender.
  • Know the history of Cocktails.
  • Learn to create your own nice cocktails.
  • Become job-ready in the bar industry as a Mixologist.
  • Learn to make classic Cocktails.

Certificate of completion: Yes

Course Duration: 54 minutes

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4. Bartending Mastery: Cocktail & Bartending Masterclass

From: Udemy

This online bartending mastery course from Udemy comes with a total of six-module of training videos that will help you to become the top-level bartender that every bar owner or manager is looking for even if you have zero experience in this field.

You will learn how to handle all bar equipment and how to serve beer, wine, cocktails, and mocktails. Here you’ll learn all the practical skills that separate good bartenders from great ones.

This course will teach you new skills and knowledge which is very helpful for the Bar industry. Also, this course will help you to find your first job at a bar.

Lastly, you will learn the major role in the Hospitality industry and also a successful foundation and positive career path with some soft skills of how to walk, talk and think like a professional bartender.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • A comprehensive understanding of all basic knowledge and skills required of a bartender.
  • Learn about how to handle all bar equipment.
  • You learn how to open a bottle of wine by Corkscrew.
  • You will learn practical skills that will be very helpful in the Bar industry.
  • An expert strategy to get interviewed and employed.

Course Duration: 3 hours

Certificate of completion: Yes

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5. Lynnette Marrero & Ryan Chetiyawardana Teach Mixology

From: Masterclass

This advanced mixology course is designed to prepare you to become a world-class flair bartender. This course will also prepare you for the professional mixologist.

This practical course will teach you flair moves in a completely professional environment. You will learn a total of 26 professional moves from this course which will prepare you to perform in a real bar in just 6 days.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Learn sophisticated and specialized flair bartending moves.
  • 4.5 hours of instructor-led training.
  • Get an introduction to the history of flair bartending.
  • Get priceless industry tips from champion bartenders.

Course Duration: 4.5 hours

Enroll in this Course>>

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I learn Mixology at home?

Yes, Mixology can be learned from home in this pandemic era. And for this reason, here we listed 5 top-notch online Mixology courses that can help you to become a certified Mixologist.

Is there a difference between Bartender and a Mixologist?

A Bartender is an individual with a passion for making great drinks and creating well-balanced experiences, whereas a Mixologist is an individual with a passion for combining elixirs and creating extraordinary cocktails.

Can you take a Mixology course online?

Yes, the Mixology course is also available online. Here we listed the top 5 professional online mixology classes that can help you to become a certified Mixologist.

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