Service Procedure for A La Carte lunch or dinner in Restaurant

Table Reservation

Fine dining restaurants accept reservations over the phone and many guests like to reserve their tables beforehand as they do not want to be disappointed or wait for long if the restaurant is busy.

So, the person handling the reservations should be very good at communication skills and should handle guests efficiently. He/she should be prepared to answer the following queries,

1. The type of menus offered. Like Table d’ hôte, à la carte, children’s menu, etc.

2. Type of services available. Like a Buffet, Table service, etc.

3. Type of Cuisine offered. For example- Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, etc.

4. Foodservice Operation hours.

5. Air-conditioned (dining area) or not.

6. Service of alcoholic drinks.

7. Availability of nonsmoking area.

8. Availability of car parking facility.

9. Price of a buffet.

10. Buffet spread/menu.

11. Facility for organizing functions.

12. Acceptance of credit cards or cheques.

13. The Location.

The person attending calls must be polite and friendly. He/she should attend the call within three rings and have a pen and reservation book ready to take down the necessary details.

The information given in the reservation diary should be taken down in a pencil. Confirm details by repeating the name, date, day, time of arrival, number of guests, and contact number. After confirmation, make a note of the details of the guests. End the conversation on a friendly note.

For example, Saying ‘Thank you Mr. Arvind”, we look forward to receiving you and your wife on Sunday, 18th evening at 7.30. Have a nice day.

Types of Meals and Snacks Served in the Restaurant

Restaurants serve all or some of the following meals and snacks depending on their policy:

  • Breakfast.
  • Brunch.
  • Lunch.
  • High tea and full afternoon tea.
  • Dinner.
  • Late-night dinner.

For all the meals mentioned above, Service procedures for breakfast, brunch, and high tea are different from lunch and dinner.

The service procedure for lunch and dinner is the same. Most restaurants offer both the menus, à la carte and table d’ hôte to guests during lunch and dinner, or only table d’ hôte during lunch.

A la carte orders are served at the table and in most cases, the table d’ hôte menu in the commercial sector is executed from the buffet. Some restaurants are licensed to serve alcohol and some are not and accordingly, the service sequence and procedures will vary.

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Dipayan Mondal
Dipayan Mondal

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