Steps of Dining Service Procedures in Restaurant

Guests patronizing restaurants expect a good standard of service and quality and presentation of food, especially when they dine with friends and families.

Every guest expects value for the money he/she spends. The dining service procedure varies from restaurant to restaurant, depending on the type of meal, dish, service offered, clients, service skills of the staff, and availability of time.

The wait staff should be briefed and trained regularly on the service procedure followed in the establishment. No matter what service method is adopted by the restaurant, the service staff should be friendly, should recognize the presence of guests, make them comfortable, and should work with the prime objective of satisfying guests and maximizing revenue.

Restaurant Dining Service Procedures

Steps of fine dining service procedures in food and beverages:

1. First acknowledge the guest’s arrival with a pleasant smile and greeting. Guests are usually greeted by the reception head waiter in a large establishment.

2. Check if they have a reservation and guide them to their table. If not, take them to a vacant table.

3. Enquire if the guests would like an aperitif in the lounge or reception area, or at the table.

4. The reception head waiter introduces the station waiter to the host. The station waiter helps the guests occupy their chairs.

5. The station waiter unfolds each guest’s napkin and places it over his/her lap.

6. The Sommelier offers the wine list for the choice of aperitif and takes the order.

7. Rolls, Bred, and Melba toast are offered and butter is placed on the table before serving the aperitif as it gives some time to the sommelier to collect the drinks.

8. Aperitifs are served and are cleared when all the guests have completed their drinks.

9. The menu is presented to the host and his/her guests. Adequate time is given to guests to make their choice.

10. The station head waiter takes the order from the host from his/her right side. Guests must be ready to offer suggestions and advice on the menu to explain the dishes if required.

11. Take the order from the host from his/her right-hand side.

12. Ensure the supply of bread and butter continuously until the main course.

13. Lay plates and serve the first course.

14. Clear the first course dishes and place the accompaniments for the first course.

15. Lay covers for the fish course. Place the appropriate accompaniments on the table.

16. If wine is ordered for the fish course, serve chilled white wine in the wine glass.

17. Place half plates and serve the fish course.

18. Clear the fish course dishes.

19. Remove the accompaniments placed for the fish course.

20. Lay covers for the main course. Place any accompaniments required on the table.

21. Serve red wine in a red wine glass at room temperature.

22. Place joint plates and serve the main course.

23. Clear the main course plate along with side plates and side knives, cruets, butter dishes, and any other accompaniments.

24. Clear wine glasses and bottles.

25. Crumb the table.

26. Present the dessert menu to the guests and take the order.

27. Serve the sweet course.

28. Clear the sweet course dishes.

29. Take orders for coffee or tea.

30. Serve the coffee.

31. Present the bill and take the offered cash or card to the counter.

32. Helps guests when they are prepared to leave.

33. Clear the table and set the cover for the next guest.

Dipayan Mondal
Dipayan Mondal

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