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What is the Structure of a Cigar

What is Cigar

A Cigar is prepared from good quality tobacco leaves which are rolled to various lengths and girths. Havana cigars are regarded as the best in the world.

What is the Structure of a Cigar

Basically, if you analyze the cigar structure then you can observe that a cigar has two ends, namely Head, and Foot. Each cigar has paper with its brand name printed on it.

The end closer to the brand, which has a leaf cup, is called the head. The end opposite of the head is the foot. The foot end of the cigar is lit while smoking. The smoker makes an incision or cuts the cap (rounded closed-end) at the head of the cigar and draws smoke from the head of the cigar.


struscure of a cigar with its 3 different parts binder, filler and wrapper

A cigar is made up of these three different parts:

1. Filler

The filler forms the interior(core) of the cigar and it makes most of the cigar. Tobacco leaves used as fillers can be either long or short.

Long fillers are made up of whole leaves which are of better quality, while the shorter ones are made of chopped leaves, which are inferior. The filler is made of a blend of leaves from different regions to get a good flavor.

2. Binder

It is a good quality leaf with high tensile strength which holds the filler. Two to four leaves of filler tobacco are laid end to end and rolled into the binder leaf.

A filler with a binder is termed a bunch. Usually, these are tobacco leaves chosen as wrappers but rejected because of the holes and blemishes.

3. Wrapper

It is the outside part of the cigar structure and also the most expensive part. A whole leaf of the finest quality is chosen and it must be elastic, smooth, of good color, and not too prominently veined. It should also have a good aroma since it is the most vital ingredient in the taste of the cigar.

The bunch is laid at an angle across the strip of wrapper leaf. The wrapper is then wrapped carefully around the binder, overlapping at each turn till the end of the hook, and is stuck with vegetable gum, forming the rounded closed head.

It is then cut at the other end to the length required. Cigars are made both by hand and machine and handmade cigars are always expensive.

Terms used to refer to the Color of Wrapper

The leaf used for wrappers varies in colors which are sorted accordingly and marked on the boxes to indicate the color of the wrapper.

The terms used to denote the color are in the following:

  • Claro (CCC): Light golden brown.

  • Colorado Claro (CC): Medium, Tawny color.

  • Colorado (C): Reddish-brown, also called rosado.

  • Maduro (M): Very dark brown.

  • Natural: Light brown to brown.

  • Candela: Greenish yellow in color. It is also known as a double claro.

  • Oscuro: Also termed as double Maduro. Black and oily in appearance.
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