Top 10 Best Culinary Schools in the World 2023

Which country is best for Culinary education?

USA, Australia, France, Japan, India, Canada, London, Dubai, Italy, and Switzerland are some countries that provide great opportunities for culinary education.

And between them, the USA is the most prestigious place for culinary education in the world.

What type of Chef makes the most money?

Executive chefs, Head chefs, and Celebrity chefs are among the highest-paid chefs in the culinary industry.

These chefs typically have many years of experience, and extensive culinary knowledge, and are responsible for managing a team of cooks, creating menus, and overseeing kitchen operations.

However, salaries can vary depending on factors such as location, type of restaurant, and level of experience.

10 Best Culinary Schools in the World 2023

List of top-ranked cooking schools in the world:

1. Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts can help you enter the culinary industry or advance your current career.

Their diploma and degree options can help you with a variety of exciting opportunities, which include campuses in Austin, Texas, and Boulder, Colorado, two of the country’s most bustling culinary cities as well as online culinary arts and pastry arts programs.

Also, you can get access to the best recipes and an Escoffier Chef instructor in order to become the best cook by starting their 3-week free trial online classes. Post this, you can pay $9.95 for your first month (50% savings) and $19.95/month thereafter.

You will get guidance & feedback with exclusive access to an expert. The biggest part is you can go as deep into the knowledge as you want which is going to help you to develop your cooking skills in mere time.

Along with these points, at Escoffier, they can help you to develop the confidence, broad-based knowledge & vast range of skills that you need to enter your career or take it to a higher level in the field of culinary & pastry so that you can live your dream in reality.

They will hand-hold you with the tools which can help you to drive success in the kitchen and beyond.

The most amazing part is, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Home Gourmet powered by America’s Test Kitchen is a relationship anchored in history and excellence within the gourmand community.

Courses offered in this institute:

  • Culinary Techniques & Business Skills.
  • Online and On-Campus Programs.
  • Career Assistance.
  • Commitment to Sustainability.
  • Expert Educators.
  • Personalized Support.

2. National Louis University (Kendall College)

Kendall College is having world-class culinary arts and hospitality management programs in the world-class hospitality industry.

Kendall College is Chicago’s main destination for aspiring chefs, bakers, hotel managers, and tourism management professionals who want to hone their craft in a demanding, rewarding setting.

Now as Kendall is affiliated with NLU, investing in Kendall will be much more beneficial for you. They are committed to helping every student to get the financial aid that they require.

A world-class education in hospitality has never been more convenient. Kendall College’s culinary arts and baking and pastry associate programs are accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation accreditation commission.

Courses offered in this institute:

  • B.A in Culinary Management
  • A.A.S in Culinary Arts
  • B.A in Hospitality Management
  • A.A.S in Baking and Pastry

3. Sullivan University

Sullivan University will help you to develop the required skills which will help you to score high. The College of Hospitality Studies offers a Professional Baker Diploma and a Professional Cook Diploma.

This Sullivan University offers four associate degrees Baking and Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts, Event Management and Tourism, and Hotel Restaurant and Restaurant Management. Along with this, Sullivan University also offers a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.

The Sullivan University faculty bring a lot of knowledge which consists of well over five hundred combined years of experience. You will understand very easily when you will experience their comradery and teamwork.

Along with this, they have an extensive experience in the culinary, baking and pastry, and hospitality industries, as well as accomplished educators.

This school also has the necessary and specialty equipment to prepare students in international cuisines, Garde manger, food production, baking, and pastry.

Can’t forget to mention that Sullivan alumni can be found in hotels, catering companies, restaurants, cruise ships, and teaching positions in places anywhere from Kentucky to Europe and Antarctica.

Courses offered in this institute:

  • Culinary Arts.
  • Hospitality studies.
  • Restaurant studies.

1. Associate degrees

  • Baking and Pastry Arts.
  • Culinary Arts.
  • Hospitality and Event Management.

2. Diploma degrees

  • Professional cook.
  • Professional baker.

3. Bachelor’s degrees

  • Culinary Arts.
  • Hospitality Management.
  • Human Resource leadership.

4. MBA degrees

  • MBA in Hospitality.
  • MBA in Culinary Arts.
  • MBA in Bakery Arts
  • MBA in Human Resources.

4. Gastronomicom French Culinary Art

Looking to learn French Culinary Art? What if I tell you I have a name that is going to help you to get all the knowledge you are looking for?

Then let’s talk about Gastronomicom. It was founded in 2004 and is an international culinary school that offers cooking and pastry classes as well as french lessons to international students.

In this school, you will get hands-on learning from highly experienced chefs or teachers. And all of their courses are conducted in the English language.

Courses offered in this institute:

  • Cooking & Pastry Courses.
  • Pastry Courses & French lessons.
  • Cooking Courses & French Lessons.
  • Cooking Workshops.
  • Pastry Workshops.
  • Wine Workshops.
  • Management Courses.
  • Audit for Hotels & Restaurants

5. Institute of Culinary Education

If you have a passion or dream to pursue culinary education, and you are from New York or Los Angeles city or you are excited to move to achieve your goal but not sure where to start with?

Then you deserve the best. Let me introduce the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) which has been ranked no.1 among culinary institutes in America.

The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) was established in 1975. It offers 6-13 months of career training programs in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts, Plant-Based Culinary Arts (formerly known as Health-Supportive Culinary Arts), Restaurant & Culinary Management, and Hospitality & Hotel Management, plus professional development programs in Bread Baking and Cake decorating with more than 16,000 successful alumni, many of who are leaders in the culinary and hospitality industries.

Along with this, ICE also offers education for culinary professionals, hosts 500+ special events every year, and is home to one of the world’s largest recreational cooking, baking, and beverage programs with 26,000+ students annually.

Courses offered in this institute:

1. Culinary Arts

  • Program Duration: Have 8, 11, and 12 month options.
  • Class Times: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Weekends
  • Tuition, Fees & Charges: $36,120-$42,550

2. Pastry & Baking Arts Program

  • Program Duration: Have 8, 11, and 12 month options.
  • Class Times: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Weekends
  • Tuition, Fees & Charges: $36,400-$41,850

3. Plant-based Culinary Arts

  • Program Duration: 8-13 months.
  • Class Times: Morning, Afternoon
  • Tuition, Fees & Charges: $38,750-$39,750

4. Restaurant & Culinary Arts

  • Program Duration: Have 7 and 9 month options.
  • Class Times: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening
  • Tuition, Fees & Charges: $14,435-$15,546.49

5. Hospitality and Hotel Management

  • Program Duration: Have 8 and 12 month options.
  • Class Times: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening
  • Tuition, Fees & Charges: $14,060-$16,060

6. The Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is a private, not-for-profit college, along with the core values of excellence, leadership, professionalism, ethics, and a huge respect for diversity.

Courses offered in this institute:

1. Master’s Degree

A Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree is a master’s degree that combines theory and practice.

MPS provides specialized skills & knowledge (within a specific industry) which is designed for those who want to drive advanced mode professionally in their chosen field.

The MPS degree is designed with the demands of employers in mind, giving you an advantage over your peers in qualifications and up-to-date knowledge with the help of experts.

If your goal is to excel professionally within your industry, an MPS program is right for you.

2. Bachelor’s degree programs

It will be a great opportunity for you if you want to learn next-level learning by diving deep into the core of knowledge which is going to expand your worldview.

You will get a chance to build a strong foundation by developing leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, and entrepreneurial knowledge.

3. Associate degree Programs

You are going to love these programs as they are completely focused on food where you can discover new ingredients, techniques, flavors & so much more with which you are going to practice during your internships by preparing & serving food in their public restaurants & cafes.

4. Certificate Programs

You can advance your career with the CIA’s Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program in just 30 weeks. At their NAPA location, you are going to experience new skills which help you to excel in your working insights in a professional kitchen.

This 30-week Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program (ACAP) includes 30 credits in culinary arts requirements, cooking methods, flavor development, fabrication techniques, world cuisines, baking, pastry, and many more.

Along with ACAP you also have other certification courses for professionals & enthusiasts which are Pro Chef Certification and Food Biz.

7. Monroe College of Culinary Arts

If you are looking for a nationally recognized, professional culinary academy then how can we miss Monroe College?

This college situated in New York City offers you a hospitality management and culinary arts education with extreme professionalism which they feel proud of.

Monroe College provides opportunities that combine theoretical education and hands-on experience in culinary arts, pastry arts, and hospitality management.

Courses offered in this institute:

1. Associate Degree

Baking and Pastry (AAS): Here you will learn all the pastry-making techniques like how to make plated restaurant desserts, along with safe food handling and cost control. This is such a course that provides direct experience in the student-run Pastry Kiosk and Dining Lab.

Culinary Arts (AAS): This degree will help you to learn about the food services industry such as entry-level line cooking, institutional food service operations, food service in the hotel industry, private and corporate catering operations, or food service for schools which is the gateway to be in the leading position of executive chef. You will get professional opportunities: Internships & Competitions.

Hospitality Management (AAS): This degree covers the basics of the industry which includes room division, food and beverage, and travel and tourism. Classes on campus, online, or a combination of both. Targeted career-focused skills, etc.

2. Bachelor’s Degree

Hospitality Management (BBA): This bachelor’s degree will provide students who are with the comprehensive knowledge & skills and needed for management positions in the hospitality industry. You can choose to specialize by concentrating in culinary management or in tourism and destination management.

3. Certificate Course

Food Media Studies: This certificate course will provide the students with a professional edge in the world of digital food media to work on the entrepreneurial aspiration mindset to develop a food business, product, or service.

This will enable the opportunities to pursue your passion in food writing, blogging, photography, food styling, and personal branding for all social media platforms within the world of food media.

You will get the chance to develop your skills which will help you to promote food products or services keep on focusing on the entrepreneurial industry to learn about personalized branding and marketing and share your expertise and knowledge of food with the world.

8. Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Academy is the largest culinary and hospitality school in the world, founded in Paris in 1895.

If you are someone looking for the best culinary college to start your career, then this Culinary Arts Academy can be a perfect option for you.

Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Academy’s students turn their careers in a variety of fields, including restaurant kitchens, catering, hotel management, journalism, consulting, food service, food styling, and education. In this academy, faculties are very highly qualified and well-experienced industry experts or leaders.

This academy is considered to be the guardian of French Culinary technique. This academy offers high-quality culinary products for its students.

This course offers diplomas, bachelor’s and master’s degree courses whose durations are 1 year, 3 to 4 years, and 2 years.

9. Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Are you looking for the best Culinary Arts school for your future? then don’t worry this Culinary Arts Academy solves your problem easily and gives you the right path or direction for your culinary journey.

This Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland is the number one Culinary Arts school in Europe and also the number one ranked in the QS World University rankings.

From this academy, you can learn from the highly experienced culinary team and highly experienced industry experts. This Culinary Arts Academy promises to give you very good career growth in the culinary industry.

Courses offered in this institute:

1. Bachelor of Culinary Arts

This Culinary degree helps you to build the foundation in the culinary world. The duration of this course is 3 years.

2. Master of Arts in Culinary Business Management

From this course you will acquire managerial skills, create your own recipe books and build your own food business. The duration of this course is approx. 1 year.

3. Swiss Grand Diploma in Vegetarian Culinary Arts

You can learn how to prepare vegetarian fine-dining meals by presentation, ingredient substitutions, and wine pairings. The duration of this course is 1 year.

4. Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts

You can develop your palate and senses by exploring different techniques. The duration of this course is 3 years.

5. Swiss Grand Diploma in Pastry and Chocolate Arts

This course duration is 1 year.

10. Hattori Nutrition College

If you are looking for a good Nutrition course from a reputed college, then this Hattori Nutrition College can be the best option for you.

In this college, the nutrition course is based on “shoku iku” a concept created by the president, Yukio Hattori.

Here all students are trained as nutritionists and chefs who can create delicious food while taking full consideration of health, safety, and the environment.

Course Duration: 2 years

Courses offered in this institute:

  • Culinary high-tech business administration course.
  • Culinary patisserie and boulangerie course.
  • Japanese cuisine master course.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is Culinary School?

The duration of culinary school is from a few months to up to four years, depending on the courses you have chosen.

Is Culinary School hard?

Yes, a culinary school might be challenging, but it is also a highly rewarding experience for those who are passionate about food and cooking. Just like any educational program, culinary school requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to learn and improve. And with dedication and hard work, students can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the culinary industry.

Are Culinary degrees worth it?

Yes, culinary degrees are very beneficial than any other diploma and certification courses. Because if you can join a culinary degree course, then your scope will be very bright in the culinary field.

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