Food Production Questions to Crack the Interviews Easily in 2023

Food Production Interview Questions with Answers

Bacterias: Unicellular microorganisms.

Bugs: Another name for Bacteria and Germs.

Carborundum: A type of stone for sharpening knives.

Cook: One who cooks at the bottom of the organizational structure.

Chef: The french word for chief, usually referred to as experienced cook and kitchen manager.

Commies: French word for cooks on the bottom of the organizational structure.

Cuisine: French word for things related to food.

Demi Chef De Partie: Assistant to the kitchen supervisor. Also called DCDP sometimes.

Food Production Questions to Crack the Interviews Easily in 2023

Executive Chef: One who heads the kitchen and is overall in charge.

Food Poisoning: Sickness caused by food infected with microorganisms.

Food Safety: Methods of preparing food in a safe and hygienic manner.

HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a program that certifies safe and hygienic practices.

Hygiene: Science that deals with cleanliness and sanitation.

Garde Manger: A section in the kitchen that is responsible for cold food preparations such as salads and sandwiches.

Al Dente: An Italian term used to denote a commodity that has been cooked to a degree where it still is slightly firm to eat.

Savory: Food item which is salted.

Shallots: A type of onion that has a flavor of onion and garlic.

Texture: The mouthfeel of any food. For example- Crunchy, Crisp, Soft, etc.

Poaching: Method of cooking commodity in simmering liquid.

Pomme: French for apple.

Stone Fruits: Fruits that have seeds resembling almonds, For example- Peaches, Nectarines, and Plums.

Bouquet Garni: French for a bunch of herbs used to flavor western stocks.

Consommé: A crystal clear classical French soup, in which the stock is clarified further with minced meat and eggs.

Court bouillon: Water boiled with flavorings and vinegar. It is used as a poaching liquor for fish.

Dashi: Japanese stock.

Foumet: A French word for Fish stock.

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