Top 5 Free Online Travel & Tourism Certificate Courses 2023

The Travel and Tourism industry is one of the biggest industries, and its markets are highly saturated, with constantly falling profit margins on the one hand and fast-changing needs and customer demands on the other.

It seems that the growth of the industry has reached its environmental, social, and economic limits, where boundaries can no longer be expanded. Products and services in tourism are becoming more similar and exchangeable. The tourism industry is predominantly organized in a traditional way.

The development of ICTS (Information and Communication Technologies), especially the Internet with its revolutionary impact on the value creation of companies, has resulted in an enormous increase in the literature about how economies and businesses have to be managed in view of a global paradigm shift.

The fundamental considerations of integrating customers into corporate processes have attracted a lot of attention among academics.

In the scientific literature, it is widely recognized that service innovations have been handled with kid gloves. The literature focusing on Co-creation in tourism mainly discusses the generation of personalized customer experiences in service.

5 Best Free Online Travel and Tourism Management Courses

List of free online travel courses with certificates

1. Sustainable Tourism: Society & Environmental Aspects

From: Coursera

This online travel course is in the top 10 best online courses ranked by Class Central and is a part of the professional certificate program in tourism.

This course will take approx. 6 weeks to complete, and It’s a self-paced tourism course, which means you can complete it according to your own time frame. And this course has already been taken by 15,148 students on Coursera.

This is an introductory-level tourism course; you will get introduced to tourism from an all-around perspective, the brutal effect of the Corona outbreak on the tourism industry, and how to recover from it through sustainable practices.

If you work in the tourism industry or are a fervent traveler, then you should enroll in it and learn the science-based understanding of what tourism does to our living environment, our behavior, and our cultural inheritance.

What you’ll learn from this Course:

  • Learn to view tourism as a complex social and environmental phenomenon.
  • An overview of global tourism development in its historical context
  • Learn ways to distinguish differences in the social study of tourism.
  • Learn how to conceive of the sheer size and systemic development of tourism.
  • Learn to analyze the mutual relationships between tourism and the environment.

Certificate of completion: Yes

Course Duration: Approx. 6 weeks

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2. Learn Everything About Tourism

From: Skillshare

This online course describes the core areas of tourism management like strategy, finance, digital marketing, operations management, and digital transformation and innovation.

This Travel and tourism online course is a great and huge opportunity for everyone who is interested in building their skills and quality knowledge in the tourism industry.

This course format is 100% online and available in the English language.

What you’ll learn from this Course:

  • Different concepts related to strategy and its implications in tourism: Competitive strategy, competitive advantage, and corporate strategy
  • Basic concepts and tools in financial accounting and its mechanics.
  • Big data and its importance in the travel sector
  • The importance of operations management in business financial performance and sustainability in the tourism industry
  • Digital transformation and innovation for the tourism industry
  • How marketing is changing and what tools you can use in the domain of digital marketing

Certificate of completion: Yes

Course Duration: 1 hour, 38 minutes

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3. Travel Management Course (Skill-Based)

From: Udemy

This #1 tourism course is available with a certificate from Udemy. And this online course will teach you all about the travel and tourism sectors.

The tourism industry always helps to build a wide range of businesses and keeps entire communities afloat and prosperous.

This industry is the busiest in the world, with 300 million jobs globally. So enroll in it today and learn more about the tourism industry.

What you’ll learn from this Course:

  • Definition of national and international tourists as provided by major tourism and intergovernmental organizations.
  • Sectors of the tourism industry also learn how to gain direct and indirect employment within this industry.
  • Deep explanation of tourist attractions and the importance of amenities to maintain the popularity of tourist resorts.
  • Technical skills to really survive in this industry.

Certificate Available: Yes

Course Duration: 2.5 hours

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4. Becoming a Successful Travel Agent

From: Udemy

This is the best online travel agent course to analyze the entire tourism business environment and also manage the process for a very fast reaction to the market segment.

Recognize different types of planning to use and fulfill the knowledge in the implementation of a tourism company and develop effective strategic leadership.

In this online travel and tourism certificate class, you’ll learn about strategic planning in the travel and tourism industries. This course will also give you the exact practical knowledge that is most important in the tourism industry.

And it’s very helpful to analyze the tourism business environment and identify the scope of new opportunities in the national and international tourism markets.

What you’ll learn from this Course:

  • Learn to analyze the tourism business environment, manage organizational processes, and quickly react to the changing market environment.
  • Learn to recognize components of strategic planning and use the acquired knowledge in the implementation of tourism company strategies and the development of effective strategic leadership.

Certificate of completion: Yes

Course Duration: 1 hour

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5. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

From: Alison

This is a free online short-term tourism management course that will help you explore career opportunities for qualified students who are really passionate about tourism and hospitality.

Through this course, you will learn about the entire field of tourism and hospitality management. This course will discuss the historical aspects of the tourism industry. After that, we will learn to study the career opportunities in Airlines, Cruises, and travel agencies.

Also, learn about the different travel destinations, the appeal of warm weather, the appeal of beaches to tourists, and the types of tourist cities, which include historic, modern, and hybrid.

Then you learn the technical skills that are required in the tourism industry and also discuss hospitality management and the functions of different hotel departments.

Will learn about restaurant planning, organizing the kitchen menu planning, and designing. And last but not least, you will learn about personal hygiene, food safety, and the food handling process. You will learn how to manage kitchen accidents, including staff safety when working with different types of equipment.

What you’ll learn from this Course:

  • Introduction and Definition of the Tourism Industry.
  • Historic travel patterns of the modern tourist industry.
  • Outline the sectors of the tourism industry.
  • Describe the role of travel agencies.
  • Characteristics of the Hospitality Industry.
  • Classification of hotel departments.
  • Define the Food and Beverage departments of a hotel.
  • Health and Safety procedures as applied to the hospitality sector
  • Define the customer types and different marketing aspects.

Course Enrollment: Free

Certificate of completion: Yes

Course Duration: 10–15 hours

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