Top 5 Best Free Online Cooking Classes for Kids in 2023

Virtual cooking lessons for kids can be a great way to get them interested in cooking. By taking an online cooking course, kids can learn about different aspects of cooking, such as food safety, nutrition, and even how to cook different dishes.

One of the great things about teens’ online cooking classes is that they can be taken at their own pace. If a child is having trouble with one particular lesson, they can always go back and review it.

Additionally, these online cooking lessons can be taken at any time of day, so kids can take them when it is convenient for them.

5 Best Free Online Cooking Classes for Kids

List of free online cooking lessons for children:

1. Virtual Cooking Classes by The Kids Table

This online cooking class is best for kids, teens, and families. In this course, kids can learn cooking basics.

Then they will learn how to chop, mix, and roll their way to the different delicious dishes in each class.

All classes will be taught via the Zoom platform. Kids can learn valuable culinary skills and new recipes. And through this course, kids can also learn kitchen basics and hygiene.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Learn to cook delicious vegetarian recipes.
  • Learn valuable culinary skills and new recipes.
  • Learn kitchen basics and hygiene.

Course Duration: 1 hour

Certificate of Completion: Yes

2. Free Cooking Lessons For Kids by Kids are Great Cooks

This is an awesome free online cooking course for kids. In this course, kids will learn about cooking through step-by-step videos.

Kids can also learn about different cooking tools and the ingredients that are used in each and every recipe.

And they will learn about food nutrition and how to build kitchen skills, which will help them grow their self-confidence and increase their independence in the kitchen.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Kids will learn the basics of cooking through step-by-step videos.
  • Can develop knowledge about food nutrition.
  • Will learn cooking lessons in numerous categories.

3. Zingerman’s Bake for Kids

This is a great online baking class for kids. If you are looking for a good online baking course for your kids, then you can choose this one.

This course provides an engaging, fun, and supportive learning environment, which is very helpful for your children to experience the joy of baking.

Also, this class provides many different themes, introducing children to the different techniques and knowledge important to baking. Here, each and every class is designed for different age levels and different levels of parental support.

During this class, instructors can touch on different subjects like History, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, etc. And I think this concept is very unique and very helpful to the connection between study and cooking.

4. ChopChop Cooking Club: Cooking lessons for aspiring little Chefs

This free online cooking lesson for kids is perfect for learning culinary skills from scratch. Through this online class, kids will learn all about cooking.

Your kids will learn the difference between sautéing and flambé, and they will be able to apply both in the kitchen at home.

Then they will learn different cooking skills and different types of recipes, so it’s very helpful as your child gets more experienced in the kitchen.

In this course, the first recipe taught is a berry smoothie. And I think this is the best way to start the journey. Because it’s very easy to make, your kids can learn easily.

Your kids can understand each and every cooking ingredient. Also, they will learn everything from kitchen terminologies to kitchen safety tips and personal hygiene.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Learn the difference between sautéing and flambé.
  • Learn different culinary skills and recipes.
  • Learn kitchen terminologies, safety tips, and personal hygiene.

5. Teen Culinary Programs By Kitchen On Fire

This is a great online cooking class for teens. In this class, you will learn how to cook step by step and create a menu.

You can learn different knife skills, cooking techniques, and many more kitchen activities. Also, they’ll learn how to choose the proper ingredients and the best kitchen tools.

Here, all classes are taught by talented chefs who will demonstrate and support you step by step in creating the menu.

The age requirement to attend this program is a minimum of 12 years. This online course offers two completely different four-day sessions with an international menu.

Each and every session will have a different menu. And it’s very helpful for teenagers because they could attend both sessions and continue their learning experience.

What You’ll Learn from This Course:

  • Learn how to cook step by step and create the menu.
  • Learn different knife skills and cooking techniques.
  • Learn different useful kitchen activities.
  • Learn to choose different kitchen ingredients and kitchen tools.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

At what age should a child start cooking?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as every child is different. Some kids may be interested in cooking from a very early age, while others may not show an interest until they are a bit older.
If your child is showing an interest in cooking, there is no harm in letting them help out in the kitchen from a young age. Even if they just help stir the ingredients or set the table, they will be learning valuable skills.

Why is cooking class good for kids?

There are many reasons why cooking classes are good for kids. It helps them learn about food and how to prepare it. It also helps them develop their fine motor skills. Additionally, cooking classes can help kids develop their math skills and learn about measurements.

How do I teach my child to cook?

There are a few key things you can do to teach your child to cook. First, give them simple tasks to complete in the kitchen. This could be anything from setting the table to helping you measure out ingredients. As they get older, you can give them more complex tasks.
Another great way to teach your child to cook is to have them help you with meals. Let them choose a recipe they’d like to help make, and then walk them through the steps.

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