How to Store Kitchen Utensils and Equipment

How to Store Kitchen Utensils and Equipment

Storing the kitchen utensils and equipment properly is as important as the time of selling. Poorly stored equipment means breakages and shorter periods of life.

The food service staff should be given adequate training on the correct way of storing various equipment and kitchen utensils.

How to Store Kitchen Utensils and Equipment

Here’s the storage method of kitchen utensils and equipment:

1. Crockery

Thoroughly washed and dried crockery should be stored in piles of 20 or 25 for easier counting. The pile should not be too high as this may lead to toppling and breakage.

The piles should be kept covered and stored at convenient heights for easier access and to avoid breakage.

2. Glassware

Cleaned and polished glasses should be stored upside down in a cupboard or shelves lined with paper.

Glasses should not be put one inside the other as this will cause cracks and accidents to staff. Handle glasses by their base or stem to avoid fingerprints.

3. Linen

The linen of different sizes and colors should be neatly folded and stored together in linen racks or cupboards lined with paper. The inverted fold of linen should be facing outside for easier counting and picking up.

4. Cutlery and Hollowware

The order of storage for different types of kitchen tools is from the right to leave, the most frequently used ones are to the right and least to the left.

Extra equipment is required for the stored in a separate place in a cupboard or in a box that can be locked. The cutlery or hollowware should not be wet.

5. Furniture

No other service areas in the hotel will have extra furniture because of the cost involved in excess furniture and storage space.

Chairs are stacked and covered with cloth to prevent them from dust and the collapsible tables are stacked one over the other. As and when required, they are transported with the help of banquet utilities/porters.